Celeste Will Bring Bluetooth File Sharing to iPhone [iOS 4]

CocoaNut Apps will be releasing Celeste for iOS soon. Hate it or not, Apple has still not released Bluetooth file sharing on iPhone or other iOS devices. Last year this time we tried iBluenova which did a pretty good job as this but did not work with iOS 4. Scheduled for a release this month, Celeste promises this feature for iOS 4.

Celeste bluetooth file sharing iphone

And it’s not just bluetooth transfer that the creators of Celeste are promising. They are also working on a way to sync downloaded songs and videos with iTunes, which no Cydia app has been able to achieve yet. You can check out the first official video of Celeste below. Just like iBluetooth/iBluenova you will be able to send and receive files over bluetooth to any phones, PC or Mac.

Celeste bluetooth file sharing iphone 2

Quoting Cocoanut Apps,

For the first time ever in the history of the iPhone, with the upcoming release of Gremlin, you will be able to sync downloaded songs and videos back to iTunes! And because Celeste comes with Gremlin for free, that means any songs and videos you receive over Bluetooth will act exactly as if you’d bought them from the iTunes store. We’re really excited about this!

If you own YourTube or YourTube HD, this means you will also be able to sync back downloaded YouTube videos to watch them on your Mac or PC. The next YourTube update will feature an audio export feature if you want to keep the audio and throw away the video.

You can see Celeste being demonstrated in the video below:

This app will obviously be released on Cydia only and not the App Store. The developers are testing the final release of Celeste now.

If you have always wished your iPhone had Bluetooth file sharing, you have some reason to rejoice now. While I don’t particularly need or want this feature, I’m excited about how beautifully the creator of the app has integrated it with iOS.

(via iSpazio via iphonix.fr)