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Snaplr: Capture and Edit Screenshots with an Ease

With the rise in blogging platforms the need of screenshot taking applications is also increasing, if you writing a blog about how to configure Windows 7 display and you haven’t included the screenshots for each step then that blog is of no use. So I will be reviewing a very useful miniscule application that is solely designed for taking screenshots.

What is Snaplr?


Basically it is a miniscule application that allows users to quickly capture a selected area on their computer screens. Snaplr is developed on Adobe Air and unlike the other screenshot capturing tools available that offer a very complex setting up procedure, Snaplr provide a simple yet useful options set.

The application has a single mode that enables users to instantly select the screen area they want to capture. Though post-screenshot features like editing and customizing are a bit limited on Snaplr but as far as taking screenshots is considered this tool is a gem. It also provide options to draw rectangle and circles of defined color over any image to point out a certain area. You can also annotate certain parts of a screenshot with arrow, text and pencil tool.

How to Use it?

snaplr screenshot

To start off, hit the Take Screenshot button and select the area you want to capture. The moment you leave the mouse button the area will be captured and will be send for editing. Applications Editing tool will enable you to add shapes and texts on a screenshot. Just besides the Take Screenshot button there is a color picker that will help you to mark any defined area with a color of your choice.

Snaplr supports PNG Format and till now the developers has only released the Windows version but Linux and Mac versions will be available soon.

3 Free Adobe PDF Alternative Reader

Markets are evolving in a shorter span. Users want everything to be purchased in ease or in any simpler formats. They think why purchase books when they can get it in free through the networking sites. And visualizing the growth of the world of our nation; each wants a decent and adaptability in whatever they will to do. People need life to be made easier and there work to be completed within a short span of time. To grasp many learning, PDF are accounting to the best way of helps. Might be the students or the officers; all need substances to be learned and imagined in a different matter.

So as to make there work lighter by not carrying heavier stuffs, PDF’s are lighting up this huge work in ease. PDF makes user read any particulate of a substance or matter. It easier to read or understand any kind of geometrical figures presented through documents. Many books or novels aren’t been purchased and even about study books which are been read through for exams from the PDF’s. The reason is simple which is of the demand of easiness and simplicity with the use of adobe PDF uses. There are certain adobe readers given below which not only soothes the user but provides readability in its best ways. They are given as follows:

1. Cute PDF- Most Eligible Adobe PDF Alternative Reader

When I was trying to implement some of the books downloaded from either links and tried to read through cute PDF; it looked like a pie for users to be read. It even provided me with a kit platform which really enabled me open many formatted or different substance which were easily open through the cute PDF. The platform initiates to write substances or texts in any format a can be easy to be rectified even if small mistakes are being done.

3 Free Adobe PDF Alternative Reader

For projects like bigger ones it is highly recommended for producing there content. It’s one of the free PDF readers for the users and also has certain ways within itself to have removal of advert links or links varied to different issues within the PDF file. So it makes user not to check every next paragraph to move into because of those links being absent.

Download CutePDF.

2. Foxit Reader – Best Suggestible PDF Alternative Reader

This reader is the mind blowing reader. It enhances any type of size of file of any content to be loaded within the PDF reader. It makes cool for users as for diagrammatic representation it’s easier to understand and vary accordingly with it. If the reader desires to even scroll through small locations within the diagrammatic representation, the user can look forward to it. Some of the entrance exams which have sample papers and are downloaded through PDF format don’t have sufficient locations or understanding through graphs or texts written in a haphazard manner within the curves.

3 Free Adobe PDF Alternative Reader

It contains lot of safety measures within itself. The reader pertains a safety with its modes of safety and making it to be in no connection where other sites or link would pertain to with it and make some viruses to encrypt with files and system. The only contained disadvantaged I found that were certain advert links do get carried within the files and on false clanks it takes to the quantities like shopping or mydeal as such.

Download Foxit Reader.

3. Drumlin Reader – The lightest Adobe PDF Alternative Reader

This is one of the lightest PDF’s highly recommended among the other pdf’s. The PDF assures you about traveling ease learning. Now people think what’s traveling ease learning. That is learning or reading any type of file during travel. This makes the user easy to even complete its work in the PDF which he might have hoped or tried to do. So best way in an easiest life to have readings easily is the drumlin reader.

3 Free Adobe PDF Alternative Reader

Drumlin reader makes things look easier and compatible. Even the sources and contents can be represented in a desired or perfect manner. The reading or learning of theories during travel can be done via this reader.

Download Drumlin Reader.

Get Windows 7 Ultimate Aero Effects on Home Basic and Starter Edition

If you’re stuck on Windows 7 Home Basic or Starter Edition and can’t enjoy the personalization features on Ultimate, then here’s something you ought to do to get all those extra features. Windows 7 Ultimate personalization features include all those Aero effects and extra Desktop features that isn’t packaged with Home Basic and Starter Edition.

There are other ways to get all those features on your Windows 7 edition, but all those include installation of certain third-party applications. However, the Aero Glass, Aero Peek, Aero Shake and other Aero features are difficult to come by. To skip all those installations and programs, you can now get all the features by downloading and running a certain Patch. The Patch comes from Mr. Dusha and was made public Microsoft MVP ‘Vishal Gupta’. It gives you all those personalization features on your Home Basic or Starter Edition Windows 7 operating System and makes it as customizable as Ultimate by patching all the system files automatically.


The installation procedure is really very simple. Before you try this, make sure all your work is saved and all running programs are closed and only then proceed. Why? Because as soon as you run the Patch.exe file, the system restarts.

  • Download the Patch, which is in a zip format, from over here.
  • Unzip the folder and then run the Patch.EXE file inside it.
  • As soon as you run it, your computer will automatically restart and patch all the necessary files.

That’s it!! After the reboot, you’ll have all the personalization features of Windows 7 Ultimate.

If you want to remove it, which I really doubt, you can re-run the patch.exe file again.

Let us know if you succeeded in getting this done on your Laptop or Desktop. Remember, this is only for Windows 7 Home Basic and Starter Edition, which lack the Aero effects and Personalization features.

Download Justin Bieber Never Say Never Theme for Windows 7

Any Justin Bieber fans over here? You know, the little girly voiced boy who got from rags to riches thanks to YouTube’s mass mind control powers!! Microsoft has just released a Windows 7 theme of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never World Tour for that features 4 Justin Bieber wallpapers from the tour and some others from his journey to stardom. Specially girls will be going insane now, if you’re reading this, jumping in your room and screaming out loud.

Justin Beiber Theme Windows 7

To make Justin Bieber fans feel even more happier and make them go more crazier, Microsoft has released the Justin Bieber Never Say Never Theme pack for Windows 7 operating system. If you’re a hardcore Just Bieber fan and have the symptoms for Bieber Fever then you should probably download this theme and make your life less miserable or exciting.

Follow Justin Bieber on his inspirational journey from street performer in the small town of Stratford, Ontario, to Internet phenomenon and global superstar with images from his 3-D concert film in this free Windows 7 theme.

The Justin Bieber Windows 7 theme is available for download from Microsoft Download Center and will transform your desktop to give you the much needed Bieber experience. There are some however who hate Justin Bieber, although I can’t figure out why. They’re probably jealous of all the fame and money he’s got or probably because he unlike other struggling musicians made it to the top. And by the way, I don’t like his music either, I have nothing against him though!

Download Justin Bieber Never Say Never Windows 7 Theme from here. You don’t have to do much to install the theme, just double click, follow the instructions and you should soon be able to see him all over your desktop. If you don’t, then you probably did not waste your time and downloaded something worthwhile.

Top 3 Options for Windows Phone 7 Phones in India

Windows Phone 7 is in the latest news right now. Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft’s latest smart phone platform. WP7 moved to the new step when they partnered with Nokia to produce more high quality WP7 phones. WP7 already has an advantage by Microsoft being the creator as the high quality programs are being added to WP7 without any effort by the consumer. WP7 is impressive and is miles ahead of the earlier Windows Mobile platform. Coming to the topic, India, as of now might not have a handful of WP7 phones but it surely has some awesome ones. I will share them in this post. So, lets begin.

1. Dell Venue Pro

Dell has not been in the smart phone business for a much longer time but they have given a chance to the customers for using a WP7 device. Dell Venue Pro is a large and a heavy mobile. It has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels with a display of 4.1 inches. It runs on Windows Phone 7. It has an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. It has a 5 megapixels camera with geo-tagging. It has a RAM of 512 MB and an inbuilt storage of 8GB. It weighs 192.8 grams which definitely makes it a little over weight. GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB2.0 are available. It has got a microSD card slot. It has got a 1400 mAh Li-on battery.

The price of Dell Venue Pro is around Rs. 28,500 which might be comfortable for a lot of people.

2. HTC HD7

HTC has launched 2 WP7 phones in India. HTC HD7 in one of them and the other one would be displayed afterwards. HTC HD7 has got a good build quality and a capable hardware. This phone weighs 162 grams. It has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels with a display of 4.3 inches. It runs on Windows Phone 7. It has an LCD capacitive touchscreen. It has a 5 megapixels camera with auto focus, dual LED flash and dual tagging. It has a Ram of 512 MB and internal storage of 16GB. GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB2.0 are available. One minus point would be that it doesn’t has a card slot. It has a Li-on 1230 mAh battery.

The price of HTC HD7 is around Rs. 27,000 which definitely gives it an edge over the phone above.

3. HTC Mozart 7


Another phone from HTC. This phone has got a great build quality. This phone weighs 130g which definitely makes it better from the above 2 in terms of weight. It has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels with a display of 3.7 inches. It runs on Windows Phone 7. It has an S-LCD capacitive touchscreen. It has a 8 megapixels camera with auto focus, xenon flash, geo-tagging and face detection. It has a Ram of 512 MB and internal storage of 8GB. GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB2.0 are available. The minus point in this phone is that it gives only 8GB of storage and it is not upgradeable as there is no card slot. It uses a Li-on 1300 mAh battery.

The price of HTC Mozart 7 is around Rs. 25,500 which might be less but the above phones are of course better than this one.

So, I have told you the top 3 options for Windows Phone 7 in India. If you are looking to buy one, I would suggest you HTC HD7 as it has nice features and a good price tag.

What do you think of the phones? Which one are you looking forward to buy? Do comment.

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack

Recently we told you where you can download the Windows 8 wallpaper from, now you can also customize your Windows 7 to look like Windows 8. We have some interesting news for Windows 7 customization freaks and average user alike. You can now transform your Windows 7 user interface into Windows 8.  A DeviantArt User has created a Windows 8 Skin Pack 1.0 for Windows 7. With this transformation pack you can have Windows 8 UI and features on your Windows 7. More details after the break.

Windows 8 Transformation

If you look at the screenshots above, the interface looks similar to that of Windows 8, based on the leaks that is. We cannot be sure how the final version of Windows 8 will look like. It’s not clear how many of the Windows 8 features are included as it’s still under development. Nevertheless, this transformation pack for windows 7 does a great job of beautifying your existing OS perfectly.

Some of the features of this transformation pack are:

  • Taskbar User Tile
  • Aero Lite
  • Windows 8 Aero Theme
  • Aura Beta 2

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows 7

Note: Please proceed at your own risk. We advise you to backup your OS, create a system restore point and then proceed.

Also check out: Windows 8 Wallpaper

Download Windows 8 Wallpaper

Windows 8 is finally out, and no matter if it’s being loved or hate, Windows 8 is stylish. This was however foreseen, as before, when Microsoft has ever tried to launch a new operating system many have tried to leak the beta versions and so on.  There aren’t going to be any drastic changes with the new Windows 8 operating system, but just a few minor ones that mainly include some UI tweaks, some additional software and a new browser perhaps.

Download Windows 8 Wallpaper< Image Credit >

Since the topic has gone viral, everyone wants to get their hands on any leaked builds of Windows 8, transform their Windows 7 into 8 or get the wallpaper at least. The Windows 8 wallpaper is available for download from many locations, but beware that most of them are just photoshop edited ones or are just fake. The one I’m about to share with you today is the original Windows 8 wallpaper that is available at DownloadSquad for download. Check out the Windows 8 wallpaper below.

windows 8 m3 wallpaper

According to sources, the existing build(Windows 8 milestone 3)has leaked just this wallpaper and a new TwinUI interface file named as TWINUI.DLL. These are the only two things that you can get your hands on right now, but there are people who claim they have the beta builds of Windows 8 other than those official Microsoft Connect guys. We are not sure how accurate they are, but we will keep you updated if a beta version does get leaked.

You can download the Windows 8 wallpaper from here.

What do you think of this wallpaper and the whole bunch of Windows 8 rumors ?

How to Manage Startup Applications in Windows

Does your computer take ages to boot? If yes than mostly the reason is boot-up apps, the apps that opens when you open your computer. You can easily disable these apps so that your computer may not take useless time in opening these apps. Here I am going you tell you how to add and remove startup apps in Windows.

Adding Custom Startup Apps

If you want to automatically open any app custom on your PC then this trick will work  for you. You will be thinking what kind of app you will like to be opened at startup as all the necessary apps like AntiVirus, Dropbox etc automatically startups at bootup. Well this depends upon your usage like I love web-browsing so I have kept Google Chrome as a startup app, if you are a music lover you might keep iTunes as a startup app or Photoshop if you are a photographer.

To add a startup app, simply open Startup folder and copy the application shortcut in the folder.

Where to find Startup folder? Location of  Startup folder depends upon your Windows. In Windows 7/Vista, open Start Menu, click on All Programs , Scroll down and you will find the startup folder.

In Windows XP, the folder is somewhere here => C: ► Documents and Settings ► (user) ► Start Menu ► Programs ► Startup.

Enabling And Disabling Startup Apps using Ccleaner

To enable or disable a startup app, download and install a small yet powerful app called CCleaner from here. This app has many useful features like removing temporary files, registry cleaner etc but we will focus on how to manage startup apps.

After installing CCleaner, open it and go to tools => Startup and choose the programs which you will like to open at startup. Simply double click the program to enable/disable it.

CCleaner Windows
CCleaner Startup Windows

Remember that disabling/enabling any app won’t delete the app from from its location and you can anytime enable/disable it again.

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Download Amazon Kindle for Windows 7 Mobile

Kindle is Amazon’s best selling product of 2010 and Amazon already launched Kindle app for Android, iPad, Mac, web and it seems Amazon don’t want to miss a single platform where users can’t enjoy Kindle and thus released Kindle app for Windows 7 phone.


Kindle app for Windows 7 is available on Amazon store for free. Few features which makes Kindle app for Windows 7 worth downloading are:

  • You can read over 775,000 books in the Kindle Store which includes new releases.
  • You can shop without leaving the app with the help of integrated shopping features.
  • Share URL of the book you are reading with your friends via email that too without closing the app.
  • Allows you to read from the place you left reading.
  • Allows you to customize fonts, background colors for better reading.

Apart from these useful features there is much more to explore on new Kindle App for Windows 7. I am going to explore it right now and if you are Windows 7 phone owner then download the Kindle App right away and share your feedback.

How to Close Crashed Program in Windows

So are you a Windows user? Does your system hangs most of times? Well this is what happens with me. And I believe that maybe happening with most of you. Most of the times, Windows programs goes unresponsive but with a simple and quick trick you can close any crashed app within seconds.

Windows Crashed
Windows Crashed


1) When a program gets unresponsive, open task manager (press ctrl+alt+del) > applications, right click on the crashed program and select “Go To Process”.

2) After doing so, you will see something as show in the snapshot below. Just simply click on “End Process” and hit “Yes”.

3) That’s it. Didn’t I said it’s quick and simple?

What if Windows explorer (My computer, Documents, folders etc) goes unresponsive?

Well the above process applies here but with one more step. After closing the Windows explorer, the desktop will go blank with just a wallpaper on screen. So what to do? After ending process, click on “File” in the Upper left side of Task Manager and select “New Task (Run)”. A text area will appear, write “Explorer” and hit “OK”. Everything will appear again on the screen.
So now whenever any of your program crashes, close it with this trick or try upgrading to a Mac. Read Why you will love a Mac.
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