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Various Twitter tools to automate Twitter profile and Tweets

7 Free Tools to Translate Tweets in Your Language

Twitter is all about sharing info all over the world but it happens that we prefer to follow the Twitter users who use the same language as we do it may be English, French, Chinese or any other. But if we follow only such Twitter users who use same language then it would be hard to gather all kind of information from all over the world.

If you use TweetDeck then you don’t have to worry about language because it gives you option to translate tweets but if you don’t prefer to use TweetDeck then these tools will help you to quickly translate tweets that too for free.

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Here are 7 Twitter Tools to Translate Tweets:


Twieee is a nice Twitter translator tool which provides more than 50 languages. Once you select the language you want to translate the tweets in, you need to enter your Twitter credentials and the Twitter stream will be displayed in the original language as well as the one you selected.


[ Link ]


I like the layout of Twinslator, it’s neat and user-friendly. There are all popular languages and Twinslator is adding more languages day by day. The good part is you are not redirected to a new window/tab when you enter your Twitter username and password, it directly updates your account.


[ Link ]


Tweetrans helps you to translate tweets in 40 different languages, like other tools you need to sign in with you Twitter credentials. If you are using any Twitter client then you can use TwitterBot. You just need to send a reply to @tweetrans using the format @tweetrans 2 “LanguageCode” your message.


[ Link ]


This is bit different then above translating tools. It is a Twitter bot which you need to follow before using. Now whenever you want to use Twanslate, you either need to send SMS from your phone or direct message to Twanslate then Twanslate will respond with translated tweet via Twitter direct message.


[ Link ]


It is same as other translating tool, like above tools you need to enter Twitter credentials and then translate the tweet and post it to your profile. But there is one feature different then other translating tools that it gives you option of saving your settings to a cookie on your local browser.


[ Link ]


TweetTranslate helps you to translate tweets in 40 languages. It gives you option to look up to previous tweettranslate. When you want to translate any tweet you just need to enter Twitter credentials and tweet the translated tweet.


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This tool is kind of fun tool, as the punch line says “The twool that lets you tweet like a twird”. It converts your tweets in a funny language. It is for people who want to have fun on Twitter by tweeting in different language which others can’t understand.

Twenglish [ Link ]

So, use these translator tools and use Twitter more effectively. If you are using any of the Twitter translating tools, then do share with us.

Tweepi: Best Free Twitter Management tool

We have lots of free and commercial Twitter management tools which let you perform certain action. Most of them keep the same functionality but with Different interface.

In this post I will be talking about one very useful Twitter web application name Tweepi which will let you follow, Cleanup, Flush , Autofollow your Twitter friends and followers.


Here is an overview of different application and action which you can perform using Tweepi.

Geeky Follow:

Geeky Follow let you find and follow users who share the same interest as you. This is one very useful tool to connect with users who are sharing same interest and in the same niche as yours.

Geeky Reciprocate:

Geeky reciprocate let you follow those twitter users who are following you but you are not following them. In short it will give twitter love to your followers.

Geeky Cleanup:


This is one of the best tool which I find at Tweepi. This tool will let you see all your friends and various stats associated with them. You can sort them based on different parameters and unfollow them directly. I usually unfollow people who have not tweeted from long or people who follow to follower ratio is too high.

Along with all 3 we have another tool called Geeky Flush which is also very useful to clean your Twitter profile.

I hop you will enjoy using Tweepi, do share which Twitter management tool you are using and which one you suggest for others?