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Various Twitter tools to automate Twitter profile and Tweets

Twtrland: Easily Decide Whether to Follow Different Twitter Users or Not

Twitter is one of the largest social networks on the internet right now. You can follow people, get to know them, share stuff and much more. One good thing about Twitter is that you cannot only follow people you know but also those who you don’t know. But the problem arises whether following them will benefit you or not? Do they share useful stuff? How active they are on Twitter? Questions like these arise and to answer them, you should give Twtrland a try.


Twtrland is a free online website which helps users analyze and decide whether to follow different twitter users or not. To get started, simple type the username of the person you wish get statistics for and hit enter. It will quickly analyze the twitter profile and in seconds will display different statistics about his/her tweets. For any new username, it might take 2-5 minutes to analyze the account. Once its complete, it will show you information like account stats, top followers, tweets, famous words tweeted by that user, pictures uploaded and much more. It will also show you how many tweets the person does, how many retweets he gets/does, his favourites, how many tweets contains links and much more.


Twtrland is useful online tool which can help users decide whether to follow a specific user or not. You should give this simple and easy to use service a try.

Check out Twtrland

Tweet with Symbols and Special Characters: Twitter Symbols App

Loads of Twitter services and platforms have been developed in recent times that allow users to make their tweets integrated with multimedia contents or other stuff. Those who are avid users of Twitter know that every character we enter on Twitter counts a lot because Twitter allow us to use only 140 characters.

Though there are some services that allow users to enter considerably longer tweets but they have their own drawbacks, like most of them include a link to your tweet. So keeping these restrictions in view, I guess using characters and special symbols is a very good option. So let’s have a look at it:

Twitter Symbols Web App Features

Twitter Symbols

The apps functioning is pretty simple, it enables you to enter characters and symbols in your tweets via their integrated platform. The app enables you to enter varying kind of symbols like stars, zodiac symbols, mathematics symbols and chess characters. Each of the added symbols is counted as a single character, you just need to click on the symbol and it will be automatically entered in your tweet.

Twitter symbols tweet

What I like the most about this app is that no links are incorporated in the tweets no matter how many characters you enter. Plus the app also has a considerably good symbol and characters archive and you can decorate your tweets in many ways using it. Twitter Symbols app is a must use for Twitter freaks and I can bet that you are going to like it.

Tweet with Symbols and Special Characters: Twitter Symbols App

MetroTwit Merges MetroUI with Twitter Desktop Client

MetroUI is what make Windows Phone 7 so beautiful, and it’s also coming to the tablet optimized Windows 8. I know that most of you, at one part of time, must have used a Windows Phone 7 device and seen the MetroUI. It’s easy to use, beats the old Windows Mobile interface and is much more cooler, faster and smoother. So, why not merge it with some tweets and make Twitter more fun, specially more pretty. MetroTwit

MetroTwit is a Twitter Client for the desktop, from the likes of TweetDeck, that combines the look and functionality of MetroUI with Twitter to make things better to look at. If you’ve used TweetDeck or any such Twitter client, then this should make you feel right at home. There’s not much new about it, rather there are less features than its competition. But, MetroTwit is not here for the competition, it’s just for those users who like to have a beautiful looking desktop and desktop applications.

All a Twitter Client has to do is, let you see your tweets, send tweets, view your timeline, see other’s conversations, share images and keep in touch with strangers. MetroTwit does that and keeps it real simple. I like simple looking, clean applications that don’t boast much but do all the tasks that similar alternatives don’t. MetroTwit doesn’t eat much of your RAM either, so that heat issue is coming from somewhere else.

MetroTwit Screenshot

Once installed, it’ll ask you to sign in. You can either sign in using MetroTwit or Sign in to Twitter using your default browser and give access to MetroTwit, which according to me is much safer. It will only ask you for a verification code and you’re all set up. It also has a good notification system that can be enabled via settings and displays new tweets on any one side of your desktop as a popup. You get three columns, to which you can add more custom ones, you also get a list of the topics that are trending.

MetroTwit Notifications

In short, it does everything that a regular Twitter Client does, but with a little more style and neatness. It’s only a small download, so I believe you should download and check it out right away.

Download MetroTwit for Windows.

Do let us know if you liked this new Twitter Client and would use it as your default one, I already am!! Try it.

How to Share Files, Documents and Music on Twitter with Ease

Sharing stuff on Twitter is not as simple as we think it would be, although you can share links and images on this social networking platform with an ease. But if you are looking to share music, documents and files on Twitter then you have to make a little bit of effort to find out services that do so. If by luck you are already using services like Dropbox(like me!)then sharing contents on Twitter is a piece of cake because you can simply generate a shareable link and post it directly on Twitter.

So guys, today I am reviewing some free services that will ultimately enable you to share files on Twitter in a very secure manner and above all you wont be requiring to sign-up or granting access to your computer. Here is a brief run-down of some of these innovative services:


TinySong main interface

This particular service connects the power of Grooveshark and it allows users to simply share their favorite music on Twitter without having the need of signing-up for a separate account. First you have to search the song that you want to share, you can preview the song and then you can hit Share button and it will be on your Twitter profile. Basically when you hit Share button it generates a URL that you can copy on your clipboard for later sharing purposes.

TinySong artist

Moreover, when you hit Twitter button on TinySong’s URL generated window it automatically populates your tweet with the link and description. The TinySong link will take you directly to Grooveshark where you can listen to the song. anything and everything

Its an amazing file sharing platform for Twitter, you can share almost any kind and type of file whether its an audio, a document or a video through First you have to authorize the website and select the kind of file that you want to share alongwith the text. For Photos, you can directly upload them from a webcam or a computer. similarly, videos can be uploaded or you can record them from your webcam and share it via Twitter using, same goes for the documents that is you can browse them from your computer or share a simple URL. For the time being, sharing audio is not possible with but I think developers will activate it very soon.

How do you share stuff on Twitter, Do Let us know in comments if you know about any such innovative service.

Themeleon: Create Your Own Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter is the most famous micro-blogging platform and I don’t think that there is any need for me to introduce you to Twitter. The backgrounds of your Twitter profile have made a great importance of itself in the passage of time. Now, everybody wants a flashy and an awesome twitter background.

Few people are too smart that they can create their own backgrounds using an image editing software like Photoshop. But for few people, who are unable to use photoshop can easily use the online sites to create twitter backgrounds. There are a lot of sites which offers such features.

In this post, I will tell you about one of them. Themeleon is a twitter profile design tool by COLOURLovers. I used some background design tools and finally selected this tool to share with you people. This site is totally free and it provides flexibility while designing the background is amazing.

Check out few more interesting Twitter tools:

So, now let me give you the little tutorial on how you can design your own twitter background using Themeleon.

1. Open Themeleon. LINK.

2. Scroll down a bit and click on “Login to Twitter”. If already logged in, you will see this box :-

3. Now, you will get a page where you can easily customize your twitter background.

4. Customize Twitter profile background as you want. Click Save Profile button to save your background.

Thats it… the best part, in my opinion is that you get the preview of your profile just under the customizer which makes it easy for you to know that how will your profile look when you will use that background.

So, what do you think about it? Would you try it? Do comment.

Easily Search Twitter History with Snapbird

For Twitter users, searching Twitter history can be a very important thing. This is because Twitter search can help users dig down into the history of their previous activities, message archives and so much more. However, for some advanced needs, Twitter’s default search is just not good enough.To search twitter history of any user, we will use a Free Twitter tool call Snapbird.

Snap Bird is an app for Twitter which lets users perform advanced searches in Twitter. The features which Snap Bird provides in addition to the ones available by default include searching back for results older than 10 days, a friend’s-tweet only search, searching direct messages and favorite’s search.

SnapBird- Search Twitter history timeline

Using Snap Bird to search any twitter user timeline is very easy. To start off, you need to authenticate your Twitter account with the app, which in most cases should not be a problem. Once you have authenticated the app to access your Twitter account, you can return to Snap Bird’s website and perform searches.

More Twitter Tools:

Search options which are given are as follows: Someone’s timeline, someone’s favorite, your friend’s tweets, tweets mentioning you, your sent direct messages, your received direct messages. You can also specify the person for which you want to perform the search and the for field allows to put the limiter on your search.


Snap Bird performs searches and then displays results which can also be permalinked. You can simply click the searches to view the actual content as well (just like in Google) and link them in your own tweets as well.


Snap Bird is a really good tool if you want to maximize your search potential, however there are some search speed issues with the app e.g. When you make the search query complex, it takes a bit longer to search and display results. Other than it, it’s a great Twitter app.

Check out Snap Bird for Twitter here.
Do let us know if you know any more such tool which will be help us to search twitter history by user?

5 Online Tools to Check Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

Twitter is best way to keep in touch with information and blogger. Everyone wants lots of followers on Twitter, it seems to be a kind of status symbol online. Sometimes you do have lots of followers on Twitter but suddenly they start decreasing. There might be many reasons like spamming, useless tweets, too much of personal tweets etc.

If you want to know who has unfollowed you on Twitter then here are few tools which are free and quick way to find out who has unfollowed you.


Tweeteffect don’t require any auth login or registration, it’s too quick to find the number or Twitter user unfollowed us. It also gives you the final update that how many followers you lost and how many you have gained. Apart from your account, you can also check other’s account details also. So if you want to spy on someone, do try this out


[ Link ]


For accessing GoodByeBuddy, you need to sign in with your Twitter account. It provides you the graph of your account details like followers, friends etc and also provide you the list of Twitter users unfollowed you. It also gives information when you checked the stats of your Twitter account.


[ Link ]


Quitter is bit different than other tools, it will provide you an email which you give you number of Tweeps unfollowed you and give the names of those Twitter users. You will receive daily email for the list of unfollowers and for this you just need to enter your Twitter ID and email ID and you are done.


[ Link ]

Lost a follower:

Lost a follower tool is same like Quitter, it will send you an email whenever you will lose any follower with Twitter user name and your last tweet before they unfollowed you. This feature will be helpful for you when you want to analysis why people are unfollowing you.

Lost a follower

[ Link ]

Who unfollowed me:

This tool will provide you the list of the unfollowers in every 15 minutes. You don’t need to wait for emails or direct message. You even get an opportunity to call out when someone unfollowed you.


[ Link ]

Do you keep track of followers who quit? If yes then do try out these tools and if you are aware of more than do share with us.

5 Tools to Search Twitter Easily

Twitter is one of the best ways to keep ourselves updated with news and all the trending topics around the world. In fact search engines also prefer to provide real time search results from Twitter. So, why to use search engines to get real time results, instead search directly from Twitter.There are many Twitter tools which helps you to make your search for any topic easy on Twitter. Here are such 5 useful Twitter search tools:

Twitter Search:

One of the best tools to search Twitter quickly. You just need to enter the word you need to search and you will get Twitter real time results. You can also go for advance search which will give search results according to people, places, dates and even attitudes.

Twitter search

[ Link ]


Twitscoop provides you the real time search results of your Twitter search. The good feature of Twitscoop is that you also get a graph of the number of tweets done for specific word. In fact, it also saves your previous search results. Apart from Twitter search it also provide you options to check out trending and buzzing topics of Twitter.


[ Link ]

Also Read:

Whos Talking:

This is all in one search tool that is, it search almost all popular social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook etc. It also searches blogs, images, videos and lots more. The best part that even having so many options the interface is user-friendly and search is quick and easy.


[ Link ]


Twellow is Twitter’s yellow pages. It a directory where you can search through categories, people, followers, places, suggested users and lot more. I found the tool not too user-friendly as other Twitter search tools are.


[ Link ]


Trendistic helps you to analyze any topic just by a click. It will provide you relevant tweet search with Twitter stats. You can check out the popularity of any topic over any period of time that it is 7 days, 24 hours etc.


[ Link ]

If you are aware of any such Twitter search tools, do share with us.

How to Search Old Tweets, 3 Great Twitter Search Tools

Twitter usually does not show tweets from over a week ago when you try the search on twitter homepage. But that doesn’t mean twitter has deleted them. There are several tools out there to help search old tweets. Let’s look at 3 such free twitter search tools to find old Tweets. You can also use Timehop app, which shows tweets which you posted exact one year back.

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You might want to search old tweets for various reasons. Sometimes you want to refer to something you tweeted in the past but forgot the link. So it might come handy as a bookmark for later use. You may also want to know what someone said previously about a particular topic on their twitter timeline/microblog.

3 Twitter Tools to find and Search old Tweets:



This is one of the most robust twitter search tools I have come across so far. Offers a very simple no-fuss interface to search anyone’s timeline for any term or phrase you want. Searchtastic will also give you the ability to export the twitter search results in the form of CSV spreadsheet.


snapbird-search old tweets.png

Call this the big daddy of Twitter Search. Not only does this tool help in searching old tweets very fast but also adds the ability to search through anyone’s favorites and also your sent and received DMs. For searching through DMs you will have to first authenticate using Twitter.



Bloggers should find this extremely useful. You can see all the recent tweets that link to any website URL including your own. Its mostly the same thing that a normal twitter search does unless you opt for the premium plan which offer deeper history and detailed twitter graphs. Look at an example search for CallingAllGeeks.

Apart from the above Topsy also deserves mention when it comes to searching old tweets.

I tried to add as many tools I could, which will help you to search your old twitter archive, and find old tweets. If you know more such twitter apps, feel free to let me know via comments.

5 Free Websites to Share Music on Twitter

We share with you many Twitter tools so you can get lot more on Twitter like taking notes, sending ecards, translate tweets and here is few tools which will help you to share music on Twitter. These tools are free to use and you can search or upload the songs or music of your choice and then share with your friends.


Here are 5 tools to share music on Twitter:


TinySong is most simple music sharing tool on Twitter. You don’t need to sign up or enter your Twitter credentials. Just type the title of the song and search it. You will get a short URL for that song and you can save that URL and then share across Twitter.


[ Link ] is another tool which helps you to share music for free. You need to enter your Twitter Credentials and then search for the Song. You can check out the preview of the song also, you will get the URL which you can tweet and share the song with your friends.


[ Link ]


If the above tools don’t have the songs which you want to if you want to share music which you created with your friends then Twiturm is a good option for you. You just need to upload the music in MP3 format and can share with your friends.


[ Link ] allows you to search songs by artist or songs. You will also get an option to add a MP3 link to which can be tweeted to your Twitter friends. One more different feature is that you can also reply or retweet the latest shared songs via

[ Link ]

If you are addicted to Twitter then check these too:

  • Monitor Anyone’s Tweet Without Following Him on Twitter
  • Check How Irksome a Twitter User is with FollowCost
  • Twitter100: Track updates of 100 Twitter friends from one Place

Blip is no doubt a good service to share music but you need to signup for blip if you want to share music on Twitter. Once account is created, you can search for songs with the song title or artist name and just share the song on Twitter. There is lot more to do on if you are a music lover.

[ Link ]

If you are music lovers and share your favorite songs with your friends on Twitter then do let us know which tool you use. Otherwise check out above tools and started sharing songs with your friends.