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Rapportive : Find Social Media Information about Email Sender

RapportiveRelationships are one thing which is beyond time and money.  They are of valuable importance for personal and professional sphere in life. In, fact in business relationships can make or break the success of it. It is valuable for all kind of businesses whether it is a conventional or online business, building rapport with clients is important for all.
So Rapportive is the solution for you.

If you are a Gmail user, then this FREE software called Rapportive enhances the relationship management feature of the email service provided by Google.  It is like an add-on service.

What is this Rapportive?

Once this add-on is installed on your Gmail, it will display all the public information of the email sender on the right panel of your inbox. To view the information about other recipients of the email received by you, just hover the mouse on their names. The information will be displayed in a bar which will include:

  • Image and the location of the person.
  • Professional Information of the person retrieved from LinkedIn.
  • If the person is added in your Google+, his circle classification will be displayed.
  • All the social network profiles of the person will be displayed, from there only you can connect with him.
  • His contacts information. His phone call details, so that you can place a call from Google chat itself.
  • Your recent conversation with the person. Like fast mail send by him, last chat you had with him.
  • His LinkedIn profile details, you can connect with him from there only.
  • Facebook profile Updates

Rapportive was in existence since January 2010. With Gmail it can also be installed on self hosted Google Apps Mail. It is compatible with all browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Its interface is user-friendly and built-in for Mac mail plane users. For others browsers like Opera many work around are available to use all the Rapportive features. In order to use Rapportive on Opera, use this handy bookmarklet.

How does Rapportive works

Rapportive servers inquire about the information of your contacts on its own. In the browser it automatically locates the emails being used, and sends the information about them to their servers, where further process takes place. Then the information gathered is returned back and displayed in your Gmail inbox.

Gmail Rapportive

One important thing needs to be assured here, is that none of your email is being stored anywhere on Rapportive servers. Also that Rappor-tive does not have any access to your Gmail password. Content of the email is not being transferred, it’s only the recipients of that email whose information is being used.

Rapportive is like any other add on which can be easily installed on your Gmail, which provides you with your own Rapportive profile. Here you can keep your professional and personal profiles separate with an option to merge the both together.

Many other unique services integrated in it, which can be used via raplets. It is like a mini application which is used to enhance the usability of the Rappor-tive.

Many famous vendors like Mailchimp, Aweber, Klout, Github, Brightpearl, Mixcloud, BatchBook, Crunchbase, Bantam Live, and BookingBug have build different raplets which are available to use along Rapportive. One of such famous one is created by, which helps you to schedule meetings with your Gmail users. This acts as a big time saver for you.

I hope this rapportive review will help you to integrate one of the best free CRM tools for your Gmail account. If you use any other tools, do let us know. I would also suggest you to check out WiseStamp, which is another useful addon for serious Email users, to add social media links as signature.

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Do You Believe Sexting Is Just Good Clean Fun?: Think Again

Sexting is one cons of latest technology which has given birth to one of the severe crime in U.S (Child pornography). Sex-ting was first coined in 2005 and since then many cases has been reported and strict action has been taken against the people involved. Different countries have different laws regarding pornography and child nudity.

Every new generation has its own technological innovations For your parents’ generation it was the Sony Walkman and the advent of music videos. It may seem strange, but those inventions, now more likely to be seen at an antique shop than in real life, were revolutionary, and even controversial, in their time.


What is Sexting?

Sexting in simple word is act of sending pornographic images or text over phone using SMS, MMS or any other apps like iMessage, Whats app, BBM or anything using phone. According to Wiki article the most common form of sexting is sending semi nude or complete nude photograph of themselves.

Your own generation has grown up with computers, cell phones and other gadgets, and as a result you might not see the inherent dangers in those technologies. But while the GPS features on your phone enable your friends to find you in a crowded mall, they also allow predators and others to find you just as easily.

The same danger is inherent in other uses of your cell phone and Its camera. The practice of sexting can seem look just innocent fun, but the consequences of snapping that risque picture and hitting the send button can follow you for the rest of your life.

It may seem silly, and it probably is, but in many places around the country, a 15 year old girl who sends a nude or semi-nude picture of herself to her 16 year old boyfriend has just transmitted child porn. When the 16 year old boy on the other end of the phone looks at the picture he is also guilty of child porn in the eyes of the law. And when he sends it to his friends, as you know he will, he is now trafficking in child porn.

The rules governing child porn are harsh, and for good reason, but when those laws were written no one was thinking about sexting. As it stands right now, sending a singngle picture of yourself to anyone, regardless of their age, could lead to a felony conviction, and a lifetime as a registered sex offender.

So think before you start a sexting conversation — while it may seem fun to send naughty pictures of yourself to your significant other, think about your future before you hit the send button.

Also, my suggestion to parents, starts monitoring your child activities at times to save their child from prey eyes of predators and people who may misuse your child pictures. Or least, share this article and inform them about what’s happening around and how they can prevent themselves from embarrassment, which takes time to go from life.

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What is Thunderbolt?

Thunderbolt, the collaborative venture of Intel and Apple, was introduced today in the new line of Macbook Pro’s by Apple. Apparently the next big thing, it is quoted to be the most powerful, most flexible I/O technology in a personal computer.

This technology aims at replacing interconnects like FireWire, USB, and others with connections of up to 10 Gbps of full-duplex bandwidth per channel. Thunderbolt is based on the fundamental concept: create an incredibly fast input/output technology that just about anything can plug into. This line of thought has been incorporated by allowing multiple, high-performance, PCI Express and DisplayPort devices to attach to a computer through a single physical connector. Continue reading What is Thunderbolt?

5 Tips to Consider While Purchasing a Mobile Phone

With the invention of new technologies, everybody wants to use and experience these technologies. Mobile Phones are one of the fastest growing  market these days . Here I am sharing some helpful  tips that you must take care while purchasing a mobile:

Choose Mobile Phone
Choose Mobile Phone

Configuration Matters the Most

First and foremost thing is mobile’s configuration. Configuration is what matter over the style. Ofcourse features are only aspect which will lead your relationship with your phone, otherwise you will surely get bored of same phone within a few months. Keep this in mind that what functions does it support, can you run those application or software that you want on it? Its always a good practice to make the list of features which you want on your phone and then go for it.

Price /Budget

The second thing is your budget/price of phone  I consider it as second because first priority is the features and they are comparable to the price. If you are going to a mobile shop without fixing a budget in mind is like going to give an exam without preparation. You must decide a affordable price in mind.

Sensitivity and size

The next most important factor is sensitivity, which is applicable for Touchscreen Phones. If the touchscreen sensitivity is good than it is worth buying it otherwise leave it and buy a simple phone.

Check how quickly it response to your touches and do check how to switch off the screen when not using it because many times people accidentally do things on their touchscreen  just because they forgot to switch It off so just check out the screen switch off mechanism. With the sensitivity being a part, size also matter a lot, usually touchscreen have a bigger size as compare to the others phones else you will find it difficult to run your finger on it .


You should always care for the phone’s memory size how much internal and external memory it supports. Internal Memory of the phone matters a lot because it will effect your phone’s multi-tasking features and Internet speed.


Battery life of the phone is most important point while purchasing a Phone, Always look for a phone which must have long battery backup and helps you in enjoying your phone for long.

I am sure these tips will make your decision easy. Do share your views with us.

5 Best Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

In today’s world, computer has been indispensable to accomplish any type of job or duty. It is very much essential to keep your computer in healthy condition. Or else, whatever the configuration of your computer may be, if it is not maintained properly, then its performance will be affected for sure. Following are some of the major steps you should follow to speed up your computer.

 speed up your computer
speed up your computer


To make the processing of your computer easier, undergo defragmentation, while retrieving and making changes to a file. This process will keep all the fragments of a changed file together and in line so that the pressure on the processor will be less.

This tool can  prove to be pretty helpful in defragmenting your hard drive :

Smart Defrag


Do not let your computer to be a pray before viruses. They will use the power of processor to strengthen themselves and eat up the memory too.

If they will not be checked at right point of time, these viruses will start infecting all the other files on your PC and leave it almost useless. So always keep your PC protected from viruses by installing a powerful anti-virus program.

If you can’t afford a paid version then here you can download the best free antivirus for your protection :


Boot up optimization

This can be done pretty easily, what you need to do is edit the stuff that starts up when your pc boots.

Go to run and type msconfig and hit enter. Now select the startup tab and choose only the needed applications to boot at the start up. Un-select all other application those are not essential to boot up.

This action will minimize the pressure on the processor at the start up.

Also Check out:

  • How to keep your PC fighting fit
  • How to Find If Your Computer Is Infected?

Memory management

Memory being is the most important portion of the computer it needs to be managed with proper care.

  • Delete all the unimportant and duplicate files and programs stored in the memory.
  • Go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall all unnecessary programs.

Disk/Drive Scans

After being used for some time, the disks in your PC develop bad sectors. When the processor passes through these bad sectors, then the PC gets crashed. So check your disk regularly.

For this I would like to recommend a paid application suite called Uniblue Power Suite. It’s worth the cost!

But if you know any free tool which can prove to be pretty efficient in speeding up your computer then do share it with us, your fellow geeks.

5 Best ways to speed up your computer

Swype : Text Input Technology for Touch Phone

I find typing on QWERTY phones easier and faster than on touch phones that lack the classic tactile feel. But recently, I have been feeling strongly inclined towards the touch phones primarily because of the revolutionary technology called Swype.
Some of you might have been already using it without even knowing that it’s Swype at work. Just like iPhone has been declared a revolution, I would say Swype has every bit of chance to be declared a revolution soon. Okay, but what is it? You want to know, right?

What is Swype?

Swype is a new patented text input mechanism, introduced by Swype Inc., that allows you to input text in a easier and faster way while using the standard QWERTY keyboard layout of your touchscreen phone. In fact, it is so fast that you could possibly achieve typing speed of 40 words or more per minute which is simply phenomenal.

But why Swype?

  • Innovative, faster and easier way to type text using standard QWERTY layout
  • Offers word suggestions for corrections
  • Learns new words automatically
  • Easy switching to regular keyboard
  • Supports foreign languages
  • Inserts spaces automatically
  • 65,000 words database

How Swype Text input works?

In contrast the way we use the QWERTY keyboard in touch phones, Swype allows you to type words without typing or pressing a single key. When using Swype, you simply need to trace a path across the screen keyboard and Swype does the rest. Is it that simple? Yes, it actually is. And you can use your finger or your phone’s stylus whatever your preference maybe.

The moment you trace a path across the keyboard, Swype’s patented algorithm analyzes the path pattern and immediately recognizes the word you intended to type. For example — if you were to type the word “quick”, you simply need to connect its letters by moving your finger over letter ‘q’ through ‘u’ then ‘i’ followed by ‘c’ and finally stopping at the letter ‘k’ on the keyboard; see a graphical representation of the same below.


At first, this may sound too time consuming but once you get used to it, it would take merely a second or less in fact. Check out a video demonstration below —

Best of all, you don’t need to be accurate, Swype is quite forgiving and understands completely that to err is human 🙂

So next time when you go shopping for a new touch phone, look for Swype support for sure. Till then, happy typing.

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Camera

When you want to buy a camera it is important that you must know the basic things which you must look in camera before purchasing. No matter why you want to purchase camera either for personal or professional use but you must be clear that what kind of photography you would be doing? Which features you want in your camera?


Image Credit

To know which camera is suited for your requirements, you need to be familiar with few important features of camera like:


Megapixel represent the maximum resolution at which camera takes photos in million of pixels. Each pixel contains a series of numbers to describe its color or intensity which is helpful to give more detailed picture.


There are two kind of zoom one is Digital zoom and other is optical zoom. Digital zoom simply increase the pixel to make picture big while Optical Zoom uses the physical lenses inside the camera to enlarge the scene of picture. The larger the lens (2x, 3x, 4x) the more flexibility you will get.


ISO represents the sensitivity of image sensor to light. A low ISO number like 100 or lower are good for lighting conditions and a higher ISO range is good for photography in darker conditions. You also get “noisier” results from shooting in higher ISO range. So it is better to choose the camera with an adjust option of ISO.

Shooting and Sense mode:

It is always better to choose camera according to the shot you want to take. Scene and shooting modes helps you to make adjustments while taking shots like night, portrait, landscape etc. If you want to take close up shot then it is better to have a Macro Mode and if you want to take many shots continuously without having to press the shutter button again and again then go for Burst Mode. There are cameras which provide you different modes with just a press of single click, better to go for such cameras.


Autofocus is very useful feature of digital camera for new users which helps you to get good images even you are not aware of adjustments. Autofocus will identify the item or person and make adjustment to get good images. There are few cameras which allow multi-point focus which identify different points to focus and you can choose from that which you want to focus upon.

These are the basic features which you must consider before buying digital camera. There are few more features like blur, red eye reduction, white balance etc. which you can choose according to your needs.