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The Patent War Between Apple and Samsung [Infographic]

If you’re a tech enthusiast or either an Apple or Samsung power user, then you probably know about the war going on between them. It started last year when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which very much looked like the iPad and that’s when it all started. Apple tried and succeeded blocking sales of Samsung products in various countries and that didn’t make the latter very happy. Then there was the revenge.

Ever since then, the war hasn’t stopped and it keeps getting worse. In the beginning, it was Apple who was winning, but now it’s Samsung who’s got some wins in it’s pocket. Apple uses lots of parts manufactured by Samsung, which gives the latter a lot of profit, so it’s not likely that this will keep going on forever. They need each other, but they also need to safeguard their patents. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the following Infographic made by Online MBA Guide will help you catch up.

 Samsung even released ads and paperwork to make Apple and it’s users look bad, which actually gave Samsung bad rep. Looks like this patent war between the two will keep on going till the judges and the companies get tired and someone calls truce. There are a lot of more courtroom visits left for both the companies, and I really hope that they come to a decision before things get bad.

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Arrives [ Direct Download Links]

If you’re a Linux user, then you must be pretty familiar with Ubuntu. For those who don’t, Ubuntu is one of those free distributions of Linux that comes with a beautiful UX and interface and is mostly about the looks. However, that doesn’t imply Ubuntu is not as good as any of the other distros. Ubuntu is one of the best, if I must say, and the new version has been improved a lot up on.

This distro of Linux, saw a lot of new changes when it hit version 11.04. Ubuntu 11.04 was made to look like an actual operating system, on the likes on Mac and Windows. The main change was the Unity Interface, which made it much more simpler and better looking. There were plenty of bugs though, and random freezes, all that has now been dealt with and Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot has been released.

Ubuntu 11.10 was released yesterday for the public and is based on the latest Linux kernel 3.0, which has lots of new features and a revamped Unity interface. It also features Gnome Environment 3.2. This new version adds support for new hardware and drivers, has automatic fragmentation and a much better looking and functioning Unity interface. You can check out the new interface and features using the free online tour on the official Ubuntu website.

11.10 continues Ubuntu’s proud tradition of integrating the latest and greatest open source technologies into a high-quality, easy-to-use Linux distribution.

If you’re already on Ubuntu 11.04, then you can directly upgrade to 11.10 using the Update manager. The next update to Ubuntu, code named ‘Precise Pangolin’ will be rolled out in April 2012, which will get much more newer improvements. There’s also a Server edition of the same. Below are the Ubuntu 11.10 direct download links.

  • Download Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop Edition (32bit)
  • Download Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop Edition (64bit)
  • Download Ubuntu 11.10 Server Edition (32bit)
  • Download Ubuntu 11.10 Server Edition (64bit)

Check out this quick video tour of Ubuntu 11.10 to get more insights on the new version.

Are you a Linux user? If so, what is your favorite Linux distro and what do you think of the new Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot?

YouTube Gets Some Really Cool Editing Tools and Features

You enjoy uploading videos? Specially on to your YouTube page, but are somehow not satisfied with the features provided with the up-loader? Well, worry not, because you will hereby be treated with some really cool options that will let you turn your boring 2D video to 3D and much more. YouTube has introduced lots of new features that lets you convert 2D videos to 3D ones with just a click, upload videos that are 15 mins and longer and add effects using Vlix and Magisto.

The 2D to 3D conversion isn’t that awesome, but it’s better than trying to record using two cameras and then blending them together. 3D glasses will be required on most displays, unless you own a 3D display already. Also, this is only if you really want to see what 3D looks like. Edit your videos/convert them to 3D using Edit Info.

The second feature is the ability to upload videos that are longer than 15 mins. Until now, the cap was up to 15 mins for a single video, but now that’s all gone. However, you’ll need to have a verified YouTube account to be able to be eligible.

YouTubers are some of the most innovative, entertaining and inspirational people in the world, and their creativity often needs more than the current upload limit of 15 minutes.

Longer videos are bigger in size too, and that will take longer to upload. Imagine you’re uploading a 300MB video and then the net just disconnects!! Normally you’d swear really loudly, but now you can continue the upload once the internet is back. Pretty cool right?

Last, but not the least, you can edit your videos using two new third party editors by visiting Using these tools, Vlix and Magisto, you can add effects, text, crop, cut your clips into short-clips and more.

That’s about it for the moment. You can check out all the new features the next time you plan on uploading that embarrassing video of your friend. What do you think of new features?

CNN now Streaming 24 Hours of News Online & iOS

Are you a huge fan of the CNN news channel, well if you are then this is just for you. CNN has suddenly decided that it’ll be wonderful to stream Live news online, throughout the day and on your iOS devices as well. Wonderful, I say. But, to take advantage of never having to enjoy that big screen News hour, you’ll have to pay a fee to your cable operator. Yeah, that’s the only bad thing, however it’s not like you’ll be paying a lot.

All you need to do is get enrolled with AT&T, Comcast, Cox, DISH Network, Suddenlink or Verizon for a pay TV subscription and you’re good to go. Oh, and Indian users, we’ll have to dream a little harder. Jim Walton, President of CNN Worldwide says;

A principle goal for CNN is to make more of our content available to more people on more platforms, and CNN’s participation in the TV Everywhere initiative is another step forward in that effort. We have long believed that our growth depends on keeping CNN essential and relevant to consumers wherever they are.

For those of you who’re living the American dream, it just got better. You can also watch HLN online along with CNN, but before starting out, you’ll have to go to and enter your Username and password provided by your cable operator. Once that’s set up, you’re ready to watch 24 hours of news streaming live. You also have the choice to watch CNN news on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with the CNN app. According to the Press Release, about 10 million people have already downloaded the CNN app for iOS.

I just hope that we get to stream some channel, be it News or Entertainment before the apocalypse.

[ via Engadget ]

Group Video Chat for iOS and Android Devices, Courtesy of Fring

In a blog post yesterday, Fring announced that they’re working on bringing a new feature to Android and iOS devices that would enable group video chat. We are familiar with using video chat on Fring, and it does provide some competition to other video calling services like Skype and Apple’s FaceTime. Moreover, video chat using Fring is free and the quality isn’t bad either.

At present the developers are giving this amazing application some final touches and hence this is currently in beta stage. The idea of being able to video chat with more than one person at a time is pretty cool isn’t it? Fring would be the first to get this feature to smartphones running on Android and the iPhone. iPhone’s FaceTime may need to go to the development sector for some new features, because Fring Group Video Call would certainly affect it.

Fring intends to bring this group video call feature to its users for free and will soon be up for grabs at respective application stores for both Android and iOS. Fring Group Video calling will let you talk to up to 4 members at a time, with video feed from each user shown by dividing the screen in 4 parts. At present, one can join in on the development of this app and opt-in as a real-time tester by filling out a form here. All the slots for iPhone testing has been taken, but if you’re an Android user you can fill in the form and submit it for some awesome group video call experience. Others don’t have to wait that long, because the final version will soon be out!! Till then enjoy the sneak peak of the application below.

The Fring video call service is certainly more practical than Apple’s FaceTime as you can use this feature via 3G too!! Let’s wait and watch how the Group Video Chat experience will be.

What are your thoughts on this new and exciting feature that will hit online stores soon?

[ Source: Fring Blog ]

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HP Pre 3, Veer & TouchPad Tablet unveiled by HP at WebOS event

HP announced three products today at its WebOS event, “Think Beyond”: the HP Pre3 and the HP Veer smartphones and the HP TouchPad tablet. A high point of these devices is that they have capabilities of syncing data, contacts and calendar events with each other using its tap-to-share functionality. Lets see the tech-specs of each of these.

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Download Official Twitter App for Windows 7

Twitter has already launched apps for iPhone and iPad and now Twitter has announced its official application for Windows 7. The app is loaded with all the important features to have full experience of Twitter that too for free.



Apart from having fun with all the features on Twitter app the good part is that you can even signup from the mobile app itself. The interface seems to be user-friendly and easy to navigate from left to right or different categories. The platform’s design and user interface is called as Metro.

So, finally you can enjoy Twitter on Windows 7 phone also. You can download the new official Twitter app from Windows 7 Marketplace.

So, try it out and do let us know which Twitter app you would prefer for your Windows 7 mobile, official Twitter app or any other app?

No More Files and Pages Feature in Google Groups

One of the benefits of having Google Groups is to share, discussing information and files within your group. But now Google is no more giving you the option to share the documents in Google Groups.

According to Google,

We have decided to stop supporting the pages and files features. We believe that this move will improve your experience storing and sharing files as other products, such as Google Docs and Google Sites, are designed specifically for file storage and page creation.

From November 2010, you won’t be able to create, edit or share file and pages in Google groups. You will able to view the content and you can download the existing file but no more uploading and sharing files will be allowed in Google groups. And after February 2011, you won’t be able to access the files and content thus you can now extract all the files with new zip-download feature.

This is the message which we have received in our Group:

Google Groups will no longer be supporting the Welcome Message feature. Starting January 13, you won’t be able to edit your welcome messages, but you will still be able to view and download the existing content

So now if you want to share files you have to go for Google Docs or any other file sharing product. I know that if you always share files and pages in group then you will surely miss the feature but you can try Google docs which is again a user-friendly product from Google.

Do you think this is useful step by Google or you are not happy with stopping sharing feature? Do let us know in comments.

Vimeo Launched HTML5 Video Player for iPhone and iPad

clip_image001Vimeo is a popular video sharing and streaming website similar to YouTube in functionality. Recently, Vimeo has launched a universal non-flash based video player for Apple iDevices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) so that they can run Vimeo videos without Adobe Flash support. This new player is based on the HTML 5 standard, something which YouTube has been supporting for quite some time now.

This universal video player differs from the one previously launched player as the recent one is capable of detecting the device which the user is using to access the Vimeo service and then provides an optimized playback and video feed according to what it detects. The Flash free HTML 5 based player also means precious bandwidth can also be saved and H.264 encoded video can be sent directly to devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, service to iOS users is not free. In order for users to avail the Vimeo service on their iOS enabled iDevice, they must have a paid Vimeo Plus account which costs $60 per year in subscription fees.

In a report published by USA Today, Vimeo president talked about the capabilities of the new universal player by Vimeo, saying “The videos will be playable in any browser and work with future platforms as well.” So if you are interested in getting Vimeo content on your iPhone or any other Apple device, you can get it for as low as $60 a year.