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2 Desktop Apps without which Gmail Service is incomplete

Gmail has considered to be the most important service provided by Google. Infact this mail service is so much popular that more than 70% of the people of the world are associated with this service. Although the benefits of Gmail are infinite and still counting to be more. Google has made it really large in terms of their mailing service. Google has also made Gmail in such a way that it adds to user Functionality along with extensibility support.

There are lot of things which Google is Continuously trying to update with Gmail and its functionalist. Also Google has added many new features like Google Buzz, Google Bookmarks and various other features with Gmail for better user experience and ofcourse the new Google Plus has already done lot of things with Gmail till now. So today we are going to enlist the best 2 Apps for Gmail Desktop without which a Gmail service will always be incomplete.

1. KCheckGmail

KCheckGmail is a kind of Application for Gmail which acts as Gmail Notifier.  Everytime a new mail comes to your mail account, then KCheckGmail will notify you. It is a specially meant app for supporting notification about Gmail Message for KDE. Although the size of this app is 230KB but it perform various multi level and huge task as well.





2 Desktop Apps without which Gmail Service is incomplete

The features of KCheckGmail includes eMail snippets with or without attachments, Customizable search, Store password in a secure manner, Customizable check interval along with Security in Login access and Data retrival System. One of the best features of this App is that its available in various other languages like French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish other than english.

2. GSN SMS Notifier

GSN SMS Notifier is a special kind of app which particularly act as a Gmail Notifier but unlike others which send notification only in desktop tray, this app will send you an SMS notification everytime whenever you get a time.

2 Desktop Apps without which Gmail Service is incomplete

Isn’t it amazing about Notifying through SMS whenever we get mails. This app is a  freeware which has been tested successfully on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

10 Apps to Increase Your Smartphone Productivity

In today’s world the smartphone is like a virtual workstation. To work smart in a short span of time you need to load up your phone with office apps, PDF readers, email clients and lots more apps.

Here is a list of 10 apps to make your smartphone even more smarter.

 1. Evernote | Download

An app developed to save notes in the form of text, photograph, voice or a handwritten ink note. You can also set reminders and assign tags to various notes.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry

2. Documents To Go | Download

An office app which allows synchronization between one’s smartphone and the computer. Create , view and edit MS office files. It can also read PDF files.

Price: Paid | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

3. Gmail | Download

The cool e-mail service is now available for you to carry around in your pockets. Enjoy all the gmail functions through your smartphone wherever you go.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

4. MailDroid | Download

MailDroid is a push mail client for IMAP and POP e-mail. It comes with integrated search options, a spell checker and much more.

Price: Free | Available for Android

5. DropBox | Download

A cloud app that enables users to share and store photos, videos, documents, etc over the internet using file synchronization. The DropBox account can be accessed either from your smartphone or computer.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry

6. SugarSync | Download

An app to sync files among multiple computers and also back them up on the web. It also comes handy in organizing the files into folders.

Price: Paid | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

7. Google Maps | Download

The power of Google Maps is also available for your smartphone. A web mapping service by Google that allows you to check into locations and navigate with integrated GPS for the traveler in you.

Price: Free | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

8. Swype | Download – Android, Symbian

A recently developed input method that enables you to input text faster and in a much more easier way on any screen.

Price: Free | Available for Android, Symbian. You can also get Swype for iPhone using this Cydia app.

9. CamCard | Download – Apple, Android, BlackBerry

Listed as one of the best apps, CamCard is a card reader that extracts the information from visiting cards and organizes the data as a contact.

Price: Paid | Available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry

10. DocScanner | Download

A powerful app that is equipped to scan pages and save them as PDFs on your smartphone.

Price: Paid | Available for Apple, Android, Symbian

Those were the top 10 apps to increase productivity on your mobile device and truly turn it in to a smartphone. Tell us about the ones you’ve tried and the one’s you’ll be trying.

3 Amazing Online Tools for Creating Stunning Photo Collages

Creating Photo collages is always an interesting thing to do, but if you use tools like MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop then you might be low on the time factor. The whole idea behind creating photo collages is not just lining up photos, but the real fun is adding effects and giving a twist to it. So today I am lining up online tools that will help you to produce some real creative photo meshes with just few simple clicks.

Fotonea   Collage made simple

It is an easy-to-use web app that will help you to create stunning photo collages. You can upload a total of 6 pictures having a size of 2MB or less, after adding pictures you can also add stuff like a frame or a background. Moreover, you can also rearrange the size of added pictures or you can also change the layout of each picture. Fotonea also allows you to add things like sticky notes or text on your collages.


Shape Collage   Automatic Photo Collage Maker

ShapeCollage helps you create stunning photo meshes and collages with just few clicks and the best thing about this web app is that it is cross platform. You just have to paste the URLs of images that you want to paste-in (you can add images from Flickr-Google images and YouTube). Now once images are added, you just need to choose the shape of your collage and add some text. Clicking on Create button will create a stunning collage of your added photos.


Hockneyizer  Create a unique photo collage ala David Hockney.

Developed by Big Huge Labs, Hockneyizer is a very interesting photo collage maker. It creates a very beautiful Polaroid effect on a single image you upload. You can also get images directly from your Flickr or Facebook account. Resultantly the effects that are added give a very unique kind of twist to the images. You can also select that how many Polaroid’s should appear in your collage (1-20 can be selected). You can use Hockneyizer app by visiting their official website.

Well i hope these tools will help you to create some real cool Photo collages, Do let us know in comments that was your experience.

Enjoy Unlimited File Upload Storage with Drops Web App

Services providing file uploads and online storage are increasingly becoming popular on the web, just like we have DropBox. So today I will introduce a new kid in the block named as Drops.

What is Drops?

Drops User Interface

Basically it is a file sharing and uploading web application that allow users to upload any number of files. Unlike the other uploading apps available, Drop does not put a limit in terms of the space available for uploading. But it does have some restrictions in terms of the data limit for each uploaded file i.e. you can upload only 30MB of data for each file.

Good thing about this app is that you don’t have to configure for the cloud based storage settings, you can simply share your uploaded contents with friends and colleagues without much of a hassle.

How to Use Drops?


You just have to give-in your password and email ID and the app will be ready for use. For sharing the files you just have to Drag and Drop the files on its UI and files will start uploading automatically. Once the files are uploaded then the links will be generated automatically that can be accessed directly.

Coming over to the applications Online file viewing capability, Drops supports multitude of file formats including images, documents and even programming languages source codes. Users can also upload audio track or even watch videos from their web browsers. There is a built-in URL generator that generates all the sharable links in a file.

You have to install Adobe Air to use Drops and it works all the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. You can download Drops for free from their official website.

Pretty cool don’t you think? It’s surely going to help a lot in the present Cloud storage world!!

Shorten URLs In a new Way with 3 Cool URL Trimming services

Most of the URL shortening services available on internet are either just limited to only certain tasks or they tend to disappear after sometime. Though the normal URL shortening services are not that cool a deal but some of them are pretty useful offering loads of innovative features.

Today I will be highlighting some of these URL shortening tools that apart from simply trimming the URLs also give you the options like scanning the URL for malware or merging multiple URLs into a single one or even making the strangest or weirdest URLs possible. Here is a brief overview of these URL shorteners:   shorten multiple urls into one

Using this service, you can either shorten the URL or assign multiple URLs to any one selected URL. This means that is an amazing tool for sharing a collection of links with anyone. As you start typing a URL in any of the empty line, a correspondingly new line appears. The results of are pretty cool because they automatically let you open the first subsequent URL and the rest can be opened via a toolbar of Furthermore, you can also view usage list of any of the short URLs. user interface

There is nothing unique about the this service apart from its built-in capability of protecting the shortened URL with either a question, riddle or a passcode. The developers have tagged this tool as Magic url shortener.

Share links user interface

This particular URL shortening service is having emphasis on security, for every link that is shortened the tool automatically checks it for malware with the BitDefender tool. With its social networking integration, you can share the links on Facebook or Twitter. Plus you also have an access to the statistics for the entire URL collection including the scanning results for phishing, antivirus and also a mention about the java scripting with

Do try out these services and let us know in comments that what do you think that whether they are useful or not?

FishMemory: A Better Way To Create To-Do List

To-do list is a nice medium to reminding you about pending work which you have to do in future. There are several web tools available to create to-do list. FishMemory is one such service but it comes with extra features which others might not offer.

First of all it is not complicated in comparison to other tools. Secondly it offers other features like reminders and notes. Starting with the tool is easy. You need to create an account. Then go to dashboard tab and enter the name of list in the box next to “Create a new list”. After creating list, you can add new list as a child of parent list you created.


You can print and share the list easily. It can be also exported to a CSV format. You can set reminder and add notes with the help of nice inbuilt editor. There is a facility to mark those tasks which have been completed.

You can either keep your list private or make it public. Public lists can be accessed by clicking on “Browse” tab.

Here is a nice video which demonstrated the working of this tool.

Check out Fishmemory to easily create to-do list and don’t forget to share your feedback.