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How to use Airtel Call Me Back Service in Case of Low Balance

One of the good thing about top mobile operators are, they offer many value added services which makes life easier for us. India’s most popular cellular network, Airtel introduced a new service call Call me Back, which is a unique free VAS for Airtel customers.

What would you do when you have low balance in your Airtel Pre-paid connection and you need to talk to another Airtel customer urgently?  In most of the scenario, you would simply give a missed call and wait for the customer to call you back. Or you would just make a call and talk till the time your last few talk time is finished.

Airtel Call me Back Service:

Airtel Call me back service is a newly added feature for Airtel customers, which helps you to get a call back from another Airtel customer without paying anything. This service works from one Airtel number to another and here I will explain how to use this feature.

Airtel call me back service will let you send a free SMS to another Airtel customer when your balance is low. Suppose you need to get a call from another Airtel (Pre paid or Post-paid) customer in case of insufficient balance, you can send an SMS to 121 and 121 service will send an SMS to another user saying “Please Call me back, Thank you”

All you need to do is, send an SMS to 121 in following format:

Just SMS writing CALL <space> <airtel mobile number you want to speak to .> and send it to 121.

Ex: CALL 8800980000

Another user will get an SMS from your number saying “Please Call me Back, Thank you”.

This service is free and when another user will call you, he will be charged according to his calling plans. For any Airtel Pre-paid customer, this is one very useful service and specially when you are out of balance and need to make any urgent call. Specially, when you are travelling and out of balance, you can always take advantage of this service and notify your friends or family member using “Call me back” and ask them to recharge your account.

Do remember:

  • This service will work only when your Pre-paid mobile balance is less than Rs. 1
  • You can use this service 3 times a day.

Go ahead and try out Airtel Call me back feature and let me know what you think about this latest addition from Airtel. Also, let me know what other free VAS, you like from Airtel?

How to Activate Airtel Speed on Demand Service

When it comes to broadband in India, there are few key players which rules Indian broadband backbone. Airtel and MTNL/BSNL has widest coverage in terms of coverage.

I have been using Airtel broadband connection from last 5 years and I always have love and hate relation with them. Despite of their quality tech support, I hate their customer service which is below average and I hate their FUP.

FUP is Fair usage policy which limits your unlimited broadband connection to a limit and when you finish that bandwidth threshold, your broadband speed will be revise to 256Kbps.  I’m using Airtel broadband 1799 Plan which gives me 4 MBPS speed and FUP limit of 50Gb. Being a power user, I consume my 50Gb limit by 15th day of every month and I had to rely on my 3.1 MBPs Tata photon+. Though Problem with Tata Photon+ is, speed is consistent and at times I can’t completely rely on Tata photon+.

Airtel Speed on Demand service:

Here I’m talking about Airtel Speed on demand service, which will let you increase your speed to 512 kbps, 1 mbps or 2mbps for one hour by paying nominal charge.

Here is how Airtel charges for Speed on demand service:


So now, when ever I have an important video meeting or important Freelancing work, I usually activate the speed on demand service by Airtel and enjoy high bandwidth for 1 hour. You can always reactivate this service instantly.

To activate Airtel speed on demand service, Go to their page and select your city. You might need to login to your Airtel account to activate this service. It will show you your Airtel DSL id and you can select the speed which you want to activate and it will be activated instantly for one hour.

It will also ask you if you wish to renew Speed on demand ( Airtel SOD) service after 1 hour and you can renew it or it will be deactivated automatically after one hour.

Here is a screenshot of Airtel SOD service running while writing this post:



I would say, Airtel offering nominal charge but they might like to bring their 512 kbps plan to single digit to make this service more popular.

Have you ever used Airtel Speed on demand service? How’s your experience with Airtel broadband service?

TRAI Removing Roaming Charges & Inter-circle MNP: India

Couple of days back, TRAI (Telecom regulatory authority of India) imposes a new rule to limit the sending SMS limit to just 100 per day.  This changes was actually welcomed by all general users and probably a nightmare for all promotional companies and companies which relies on SMS marketing. Anyways, the rule has been imposed and some changes were made afterwards which we will talk later. Here is another big and some good news for Indian telecom users,  Government of India has decided to remove all the roaming charges from all Telecom Networks which will make the perfect policy of ‘One Nation, One License’.

The policy has been accepted as well as approved by the Government of India in relevance with Kapil Sibal, the central minister of communications and information technology, who will soon unveiled all the drafted Telecom Policy of 2011.

The policy will now allow all the telecom Operators to operate phone calls across the entire country with a single license as opposite to the circle-specific licenses which were in place till now in the country. And as a result of that, the Indian Government has also removed all the roaming charges on all the inter-state calls.

While in addition to that, there is another good news for the public, Inter-circle mobile number portability will also come into place into the Indian economy which will mean that you will be now allowed to Port any number for any operator across the entire country in India. This feature of extra-state mobile number portability was not allowed and accepted before.

The New TRAI Policy will figure some more of the following Highlights

  • A new Policy that will bring integration of all telecom operators.
  • TRAI will extend their support in providing new licenses as well as migration to new licenses along with exit policy.
  • Spectrum to be enhanced to 300 MHz by 2017 and to 500 MHz by 2020.
  • New Policy will allow the Telecom Networks to trade and share as well as pool the whole spectrum.

What Inter-circle changes meant for general public?

As it is MNP removed the boundary of changing your mobile operator while retaining your current number was a big step. If you are not aware of MNP, you should read: Things you should know about Mobile number portability. Though it was limited to same circle and you can’t use MNP if you are changing states or circle. With new Inter-circle or inter-state MNP, you can retain the same number when you are changing your state. This is particularly very helpful for people who are students or people whose job requires to switch places all the time.
Similarly since there will be no roaming charges, it means you can consider to not to opt for MNP and stick with current operator at the same price. Specially in India, where 3G charges are huge and there are some operators who charges very little for 3G for example MTNL offers 6 month unlimited 3G for 4500, this whole change will make the 3G charges more competitive and since more competition, we can expect better service from mobile operators.
What’s your opinion about Inter-circle MNP and free mobile roaming for Indian telecom industry? What are the possible benefits you see for a normal telecom consumer?
We will keep letting you know about the latest development in Inter-circle MNP and free mobile roaming. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook for latest updates.

Tata Docomo Launched Route Founder for 2G & 3G Phones

We all know that now a days with Smartphone, maps are very useful to get direction to your destination. One of India’s leading telecom provider, Tata docomo launched a new service for Tata docomo users, (Route Finder) which will let you get direction to any destination via SMS.

Since it’s SMS based service, it’s not limited to only 3G phones or smart phones. You can use this new Route finder service on your normal phone.

This service is charged at INR 5 per direction. More over Tata docomo is offering free complementary direction. That means when you request for one direction, the next direction request will be absolutely free.

This Route finder service seems to be very useful for 2G users, but for 3G users we have so many map application and using GPRS or 3G, you can get complete street view in any localized map application.

Here is the official PR from Tata docomo team:

Tata DOCOMO has come up with a unique & one of its kind service called ‘Route Finder’. It fulfils your requirements for accurate directions to locations & also offers a robust database with millions of points of interest, including restaurants, places of worship, shops and hotels. What makes this service one of its kind is that it isn’t partial! You don’t need a Smartphone or a 3G connection to use this service; it is open for all the 2G as well as 3G users. What makes it unique is that you get turn by turn directions right on your phone anywhere anytime via sms’s. If you do own a Smartphone you can also get assistance on a map!

If you have used Tata docomo’s route finder service, do let us know your initial review.

Airtel Launches Movie on Demand Service: Partnered with BigFlix

Airtel broadband brought another landmark in Indian broadband service by launching movies on demand service. Airtel broadband partnered with Bigflix to bring over 500 movies under movies on demand service.

This is going to be a paid service by Airtel and by paying monthly subscription charge of  INR 229/month, you will get unlimited access to 500+ movies, 100 TV shows, 100 trailers and 100 music videos.


The best part about this service is streaming movies wont be counted under your bandwidth quota.  Though there is an exceptional for Punjab Airtel broadband users.


How to Subscribe to Airtel movies on demand service?

In order to subscribe to Airtel movies on demand service, you can directly register on official site, you can also call 1800 200 3101 OR SMS “movie” to 53636

This collection of 500 movies includes regional and bollywood movies. Though I expect them to add Hollywood movies too in this service. Airtel should also consider adding more packages into this service. An yearly package would be nice. For now, I believe this INR 229/month is little high, considering only 500 movies.   More over this is one of it’s type service in India and people will be benefited with this service.

Do let us know if you are planning to subscribe to this service or if you are using this service from Airtel movies, do let us know your feedback.

CloudTalk Unveils New Partner Program

CloudTalk launched their new Partner Program with their new app called ‘atzip’ at the SXSW 2011 in Austin, Texas. The CloudTalk Partner Program enables mobile and Web application developers to integrate a whole new dimension of voice, text and rich media to any application where human communication is important. According their new program, partners can access a full range of social networking and communications services for delivering natural and compelling user experiences and dramatically reducing time and cost to market.

CloudTalk, a social communications platform that enables natural communication through voice messaging, texting and photo and video sharing in today’s mobile and social world.

The atzip app is a  free social meet-up application that connects people who share similar interests and hobbies. The atzip mobile application is built on CloudTalk’s new social communications platform, and lets you talk and text with other people in a refreshingly new way. With atzip, you can choose to talk or text by sending “zip-ins,” short messages that describe what you’re in the mood for whether it’s coffee, a movie, or dinner, etc.

CloudTalk Platform also offers users to customize their experience to fit the unique requirements of third-party developers working with Internet-connected applications, whether they are group messaging, dating, education, celebrity broadcasting, etc.

Source: IntoMobile

Airtel 3G Delhi/NCR Tariff Plans and How to Activate Airtel 3G

Just now we informed you about Airtel 3G launch in Delhi/NCR region and being one of the India’s biggest telecom provider, we expect Airtel to cover a wide subscriber base for it’s 3G service. The best thing which Airtel did is by launching 3 flexible pricing model for it’s 3G service which will help users to select best 3G plan according to usage. Airtel also launched an unlimited 3G plan but of course with FUP (Airtel Fair usage policy).

DSC_2511 DSC_2516

Airtel 3G Delhi Plans and tariff:






Airtel 3G Unlimited plan:

For power user Airtel 3G unlimited plan will be the best. In unlimited 3G plan, your bill will not exceed INR 2000 and once your bill reaches, your download speed will go down to 20kbps and you will not be charged anything after that. In 2000 INR, you can download 14GB of data.

How to Activate Airtel 3G?

Activating Airtel 3G service is simple. All you need to do is call at 12134 or SMS ‘3G’ to 121.

I believe Airtel has made a good move by launching some new plans for NCR Airtel users, as they are expecting NCR to be the biggest consumer of their 3G service. Do let us know your views about Airtel 3G Tariff plans.

Name Tunes Service From Tata Docomo Launched in India

After a lot of 3G surprises and offers from TATA Docomo, now TATA Docomo is back with their new Value Added Service (VAS) which will offer TATA Docomo subscribers to greet their caller with his/her name or personalized message.

Tata Docomo
Tata Docomo

TATA Docomo has partnered with mCarbon, which is a leader in Telecom Application Provider in VAS Domain. With the combination of two different and innovative domains a new VAS is introduced which is known as “Name Tunes”.

Words from TATA Docomo

Name Tunes is in line with our way of doing things “Refreshingly Different”,  that adds an element of fun and newness to the already existing set of VAS offerings. Greeting a caller with his or her name while the phone rings, will make the call and the conversation even more pleasant and special. This would be a refreshing change for subscribers not wanting to set songs as call me tunes & will cater to a new untapped market of personalized call me tunes.

What is Name Tunes?

Name Tunes is Value Added Service which allows subscribers to record their own personalized message or Greet Callers Name to set as a caller tone instead of Tring-Tring or Old Trend Music Caller Tone.

How to Activate Name Tunes Service?

You can enjoy this amazing service in a very simple and quick way. What you have to do is to :

  • SMS your “First Name” and send it to 52100(Toll Free) for Example: my name is Rajan, so type “Rajan” (Without Quotes) and send it to 52100.
  • Charges for this service
    • Subscription Changes: Rs. 30/- Per Month
    • Name Tune Charge: Rs. 15/- Per 90 Days

So are you going to give a try to Name Tunes Service? Do share your experience with us.

Airtel GPRS Activation and Plans Detail


To avail Airtel GPRS on your mobile, you must have any GPRS plan activated on your mobile phone. Here is Airtel GPRS settings for mobiles.

GPRS Rs.10/day plan

After activation of this plan you will get 100mb free usage per day.

How to activate

Dial  *567*12#
Send SMS <SUB 10> to <567567 >
How to deactivate
Dial *567#
Send SMS <UNSUB 10> to <567567 >
Activation and deactivation cost is free.

GPRS Rs.19/3day plan

After activation of this plan you will get 200mb free usage for 3 days.
How to activate
Dial  *567*13#
Send SMS <SUB 19> to <567567 >
How to deactivate
Dial *567#
Send SMS <UNSUB 19> to <567567 >
You can direct get this plan on Rs.19 E-Recharge
Activation and deactivation cost is free.

GPRS Rs.98/month plan

After activation of this plan you will get 2GB free usage for 30 days.
How to activate
Recharge with Rs 98 (E-Recharge) and then dial *567*11# to activate this tariff. If you are an Internet power user, this Airtel GPRS plan is best for you.

Unlimited browsing plans

  1. Rs.20/day Plan
  2. After activation of this plan you can browse unlimited on your phone for 24 hours.
    How to activate
    Dial  *266*1#
    How to deactivate
    Dial *266*2#

  3. Rs.450 Plan
  4. After activation of this plan you can browse unlimited on your phone for one month.
    How to activate
    Recharge with Rs.450 (E-Recharge)

Notable Points

  • To use daily and 3 days plans your account balance must be more than Rs.10 and Rs.19 respectively otherwise your plan will not be activated.
  • Data charges after free usage for Rs.10/day plan: 20p/50kb
  • Data charges after free usage for Rs.19 and Rs.98 plan: 30p/50kb
  • Downloading is not free in unlimited browsing tariffs

Do let us know if you have any questions regarding  Airtel  GPRS plans.

Uninor GPRS Settings and Plans

Uninor is providing good speed in GPRS together with DOCOMO. Both companies are serving better GPRS packet data services now a days. Using Uninor GPRS is easy and it sends automatic GPRS settings to most of mobile handsets.


Automatic settings message for Uninor GPRS

Send a toll free SMS “ALL” to “58355” and you will receive settings for your phone.

UNINOR Manual settings

If automatic settings are not available for your mobile phone then don’t be upset and you can set up GPRS packet data manually.

Create a custom packet data profile with any name and enter the following detail

  • Homepage: Set any webpage URL
  • APN/Access point: Uninor
  • Data bearer: GSM/Packet data
  • User name and password: leave blank
  • Ip address:
  • Port: 8080
  • Proxy: Enabled

Uninor GPRS Plans Detail

  • My Connect 9 at Rs.9

Free usage: 60MB with 3 days validity

  • My Connect 90 at Rs.90

Free usage:3GB with 30 days validity

  • Single day plan

Free usage:30MB with 1 day validity

Also check out Airtel GPRS settings for mobile.