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Top 3 All-In-One PCs Available in India

Development in the electronic world has never stopped. Personal Computers(PCs) have been affected a lot by these developments. The huge PCs which consumed a lot of space of your room are now transformed into compact PCs which don’t even have CPUs. The CPUs are actually inside the monitors. They are known as All-In-One PCs.

The most famous PC companies in India have produced a few PCs of this type and I have noticed around myself that many people are interested in buying these types of PCs. That’s why I decided to write about this topic and give you the top 3 all-in-one PCs available in India. Read on!

1. Apple iMac(21.5 inch)

Don’t tell me you didn’t expect Apple in this post. If you didn’t then, read about it and you will just love it. Apple has always been a great computer manufacture and their uniqueness has taken them to a great lead from all its competitors. Apple’s iMac is yet another amazing product from Apple. Even though the price is high but the specs are there to cope up with them. The specs are given below.

  • The screen size is 21.5 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • It has an Intel Core i5 2400S processor with a speed of 2.6 GHz.
  • It comes with a RAM of 4 GB.
  • It has a Hard Drive of 500 GB.
  • It has an AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics card.
  • It comes with Mac OS X 10.7 operating system.
  • 4 USB ports are available in Apple iMac.
  • LAN, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available in Apple iMac.
  • The price of Apple iMac is Rs. 64,990. The price is high but the features are amazing as well.

2. Lenovo IdeaCentre B320

Lenovo is currently one of the best company in producing All-In-One PCs. Lenovo has produced a lot of All-In-One PCs. IdeaCentre B320 is yet another cool PC from Lenovo which has an awesome and attractive design as well as affordable price. It should be one of your main choices when looking for an All-In-One PCs. You gotta check the specifications.

  • The screen size is 20 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.
  • It has an Intel Core i3 2100 processor with a speed of 3.1 GHz.
  • It comes with a RAM of 3 GB.
  • It has a Hard Drive of 1 TB.
  • It has an Intel HD 3000 graphics card.
  • It comes with a Windows 7 Home Basic operating system.
  • 7 USB ports are available in this PC.
  • LAN, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available.
  • The price of Lenovo IdeaCentre B320 is Rs. 29,990. The 1 TB hard disk and 3.1 GHz processor makes this PC standout.

3. Dell Inspiron One 2310

Dell is also a leading brand in electronics and Dell has also produced some good All-In-One PCs till now. One of the great computers produced by Dell is Inspiron One 2310. The specs are great and the price is great as well. The design is good too even though I didn’t feel it was any special. For now, let me tell you about the specifications. Read on.

  • The screen size is 23 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.
  • It has an Intel Core i5 460M processor with a speed of 2.8 GHz.
  • It comes with a RAM of 4 GB.
  • It has a Hard Drive of 500 GB.
  • It has an ATI Radeon HD 5470M graphics card.
  • It comes with a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.
  • 2 USB ports are available in this PC.
  • LAN, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available.
  • The price of Dell Inspiron One 2310 is Rs. 52,065. If we exclude the no. of USB ports, then this PC is amazing.

All the PCs are amazing and at least worth a try. Dell Inspiron One 2310 would be my suggestion if you are spending above 50K otherwise Lenovo IdeaCentre A320. You should go for Apple iMac only if you want to spend a lot of money, experience beauty and get some awesomeness.

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Canon X Mark I Mouse Lite Adds a Calculater to Mouse

Imagine a mouse, a computer one, with the ability to add and subtract while you’re clicking away on a website. The Canon X Mark I, as weird as it sounds, is a real world mouse that has a fully fledged calculator attached to it. Crazy, isn’t it? The mouse was actually displayed at the Photokina 2010, but is now available for purchase.

Canon, just today, made it available to all those living in the US of A for a price of $59.99. The interesting thing about this mouse, as you may have guessed by now, is the calculator. Instead of the normal open space that you’d usually find in a mouse, a calculator has been mushed in. It may come in quite handy if you’re a person who likes to use the calculator a lot while at work. With the Canon X Mark I, you don’t need to have another calculator lying around, just using the one that you’re holding. The mouse has two buttons, a scroll wheel, Bluetooth and has laser sensors. So obviously, it’s going to be smooth and fast.

However, since it runs on two AA batteries, it may be a little bulky, if you do not notice the already huge size. Yes, the mouse is quite large compared to a normal mouse, the calculator you see, and is not the comfortable companion. Due to it’s design, the mouse lacks any ergonomics and regular users may find it difficult to get accustomed to it. Why the Bluetooth? Well, for that extra keypad that is also provided along with the package, so you could connect it to your Mac or PC.

All in all, a really interesting piece of hardware that would certainly be useful to that select some. Would you like to own this Calculator mouse?

Useful Tips to Keep Your Computer in Good Health

Any computer system is a massive investment and a multipurpose tool that has to be kept functioning to get the maximum mileage out of. Maintaining the computer at its best has the advantage of getting optimum performance and maximum productivity. A computer, like any other piece of machinery, has a few moving parts and some parts that generate heat. In addition, there are also some software parts which, like their mechanical counterparts, need to be looked after.


speed up your computer


The computer has some mechanical moving parts like the fans. These are used to remove the heat build-up from inside the cabinet or the housing of the computer. Most of these fans are the brush-less type and use self-lubricating bearings that mostly do not need maintenance. However, all environments are not same, and there could be dust and grime build-up that could clog the bearings and make the fans run slow.

Slow running fans will sometimes cause more noise and also will not be able to circulate enough air to remove the heat build-up. This may lead to several malfunctions such as sudden freezing of the computer. It is therefore, imperative to open up the case and use a strong vacuum cleaner in blower mode to blow out the accumulated dust and grime.

The CMOS battery that keeps the clock running even when the computer is powered off has a life of about five years. The first signs of age will show up when the computer starts to lose time. Replacing the battery will usually solve the problem.

Windows users will have to use some sort of software to clean up the Registry. When adding or deleting software from the computer, the Windows Registry System often retains junk, and, which later makes the system malfunction. More modern operating system such as Linux and Macintosh do not have this malady.

Another software cleanup tool, required by Windows users, is the disk cleanup and defragmentation. When Windows stores its files, it often distributes them all over the hard disk. This causes the whole system to slow down or even crash. Again, this is a Windows alone malady that can be overcome by using more efficient operating systems.

Computers connected to the internet and sharing files between other computers, run the risk of contracting and becoming affected by virus and spywares. It is recommended that some good anti-virus software be installed to detect, warn and eliminate potential virus before they can cause harm, such as Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus, Bitdefender Antivirus etc.

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Periodic checking of the hard-disk and marking off the bad sectors will prevent expensive data loss. Several software are available that could be used to warn of potential danger while checking the hard-disk. Backup important data and plan for a new hard-disk as early as possible.

Power interruption in the middle of an important task may cost you several hours of unsaved work. Another problem that a sudden power interruption may cause is hard disk failure, especially if it was reading or writing at the time. It is recommended to invest in a good quality battery backed uninterruptible power supply to act as backup source of power, until you could shut down the computer in the specified manner. I also suggest you to do timely backup of your data. You might find this post useful:

This is a guest post by Derek Zhuang publisher of Dailydeals4you. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our Guest posting guidelines.

Western Digital Launches Massive Dual Disk 6TB External Hard Drive

Western Digital (WD) has recently launched its My Book Studio Edition II 6TB external hard drive. It is an upgrade over 2TB and 4TB models offered earlier by WD and the latest upgrade comes with 6 terabytes of storage. WD claims that the 6.54 x 3.87 x 6.06-inch, 5.2 pound (2.63 kg) weighing 6TB drive has thrice the space previously available and will store up to 1.2 million photos, 460 hours of video or 1.5 million songs. WD 6TB drive is available now online for $549.99. Western Digital is targeting creative professionals and businesses that need to store a large number of hi-definition photos and videos and other large files. It has been formatted for Mac and supports Apple’s Time Machine.

Windows users please note that this drive is perfectly compatible with Windows 7 and Vista but Windows XP users beware as you cannot use this drive because Windows XP doesn’t support hard drive capacities beyond 2TB. The drive comes with the necessary instructions from Western Digital to reformat it for Windows.


My Book Studio Edition II 6TB has several options for connectivity. WD provides it with four different ports: USB 2.0, eSata, Firewire 400 and 800. It comes configured for RAID0 which boosts performance by splitting data over two disks and it supports RADI1 which as a form of protection mirrors the data across multiple disks. But the drive does not feature USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt.

It comes equipped with Western Digital’s GreenPower Technology which uses around 33 percent lesser power than other dual-disk storage systems and it cools the hardware without the need for a fan, therefore it makes it a very quiet drive. The drive comes with a capacity gauge which tells the user how much free space is left on the drive. WD also promises that the drive is easy to open if any of the disks inside ever needed to be replaced.


Do let us know if you think this 6TB of external drive will take care of your storage need or you might need more storage? Which company do you prefer while buying external hard disk?

How To Select Best External Hard Disk

We mentioned external Hard Drives last when we told you about useful gadgets for all the bloggers. An external hard disk has really become a necessity for most of us irrespective of our profession. The necessity arises either out of need for more space or the peace of mind when you have a backed up copy of all your important data and those photos you don’t wish to lose. This post will guide you on the process of choosing an external HDD(hard disk drive) that’s perfect for your needs.

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