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Customize your Boring Start Page in Chrome with Incredible StartPage Extension

Love Google Chrome? Now you will be having one more reason to love Google Chrome as I am going to share a very useful extension of Google Chrome which will help you to customize your Home page and to get more productive.

Incredible StartPage is a Google Chrome Extension which gives a complete makeover to your start page. It is colorful, includes different options and very easy to customize. Check out the screenshot below:

Incredible Startpage Extension
There are three different panes which includes:

  • Closed Tabs: Lists of Websites you closed recently. You can recover recently closed tabs
  • Favorite Bookmarks: Lists your important bookmarks and provide you different options to make bookmarks easy to access.
  • Bookmarks/Apps: It includes the bookmarks in which are in your bookmark toolbar but it doesn’t include your folders, they are hidden. You can also drag and drop important bookmarks to right side pane to open easily. You can easily manage and open Chrome Web Apps with this option.

Apart from three panes, this extension gives you features like:

  • Notepad: Similar like Sticky notes to take down your notes. You can also post notes to Google/Gmail/Google App accounts. It also allows you to sync across different computers via chrome sync.

Incredible Startpage1

  • Theme Option: You can choose from 5 different theme schemes and also change the background wallpaper of bookmark pane. The wallpaper are fetched from Flickr API and you can select from 5 different keywords like start, cloud, sunset, nature and custom, You can also change the color of font to black or white.

Incredible startpage2

  • Advance Option: Here you can customize notepad fonts, notepad saving option, number of columns and closed websites number display and lots more.

Incredible Startpage3

Few must have Google Chrome Extensions:

Overall I enjoyed to explore Incredible StartPage extension of Google Chrome and I would recommended to every Google Chrome user who gets bore with same start page every day. Now make your start page interesting by installing Incredible Startpage extension for Google Chrome and do share your feedback with us.

Google Introduces New Chat Feature in Google Docs

Google Docs is coming up with new features very often and I am very exited to share a very useful new feature in Google Doc. Google rolled out a new advanced chat feature in Google Docs which will allow you to chat with multiple people simultaneously. You can invite people to chat just by adding thier email address like @[email protected] People can also edit the document simultaneously.

You can easily resolve the chat and when someone replies to chat, you get an email notification in your Inbox. Getting email notification is very handy but if you think that it’s creating spam in your Inbox then you can change the notification setting also.
Here is what Google have to say about the new feature in it’s official blog:

With this feature, we want to encourage rapid and seamless discussions, help the right people participate, as well as integrate discussions with email in an intuitive way

Here is the detail on how to use this awesome feature in Google Docs:

  • When you will create a new doc ( Right now the feature is only enabled in newly created docs), you will see an  option ‘Discussion”.


GDoc Chat1

  • Discussion option allows you to enable discussion on that doc and you can even change the notification settings of discussion.

GDoc Chat 2

  • When you will select any content on the document and Right-click it, you will notice comment option.

GDoc Chat3

  • Clicking comment options, you can start the discussion with other people. If you want to add new people to discussion, you can use the format : @[email protected] That person will get the invitation to join discussion via Email.


  • Whenever you will get new reply in thread, you will get an email notification ( By default) and you can reply via email itself.

GDoc chat 4

  • Another good part is that you can resolve the discussion also and reopen it by clicking “open discussion” option.

Gdocs resolve
Check out the video below to know better:

I tried this featured and found it useful and clutter-free. It’s is useful for everyone who is using Google docs as collaboration tool for sharing content and projects with thier team and friends because it makes easy to share views and makes discussions fast and easy.
So, explore the new feature of Google docs and do share your feedback with us.


GMDesk: Easily Manage Google Services from your Desktop

gmdesk-1 Google has numerous web services that most of us regularly use. Often we have multiple browser tabs and in each tab we are operating a separate Google service. Here to tidy up things for you and better help manage those services is a great open-source tool called GMDesk.

GMDesk is a freeware for Windows computers. It is based on Adobe AIR hence it is cross-platform.

The program lets you separately manage the Google service you use namely Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Maps, Reader, and Picasa. These services operate in the application just like they would within the browser. But the difference is how you switch between these service: through the “Google applications” menu on top.


Through its simple approach, GMDesk lets you manage your Google services in a more organize manner. Furthermore usage of this freeware will free up some tabs on your web browser.

The program’s preferences let you control the apps to display. You select from the ones given or enter your Google Apps domain.


GMDesk can be downloaded from here.

Download Google Voice App for iPad and iPod Touch

Google voice app for iPhone launched few weeks ago but it was not supporting iPad or iPod Touch but now Google is launching new version of Google Voice which will support both iPad and iPod Touch.

Google Voice app

You can enjoy all basic features of Google Voice app on iPad and iPod Touch like reading voicemail, sending and receiving test messages etc. You can also take advantage of Google voice’s Click2Call feature for Google Voice calls.

Apart from basic features here are more interesting features:

  • With Push Notifications, you can automatically disable Text forwarding to avoid multiple notifications.
  • Send all callers directly to voicemail by switching to “Do Not Disturb” in Setting tab.
  • Sending text messages would be easier because you don’t need to press “OK” button anymore.
  • You can easily make calls from address book now via “Dedicated Contact” in Dialer tab.

There are few more bugs fixed in new version to provide you a good experience with Google Voice app. Just like earlier iPhone Google Voice app, this app is available in US only. If you are in US, you can download the new Google Voice app from Apple iTunes.

How to Prevent Google From saving Web History

Google is one of the most used services in the world today and despite all the great advantages it provides, a sour fact remains that Google monitors a lot of its users’ web activities. However, if you’re a careful web surfer, you can avoid this by taking a few simple steps with Google History. Google has different ways to monitor your web activities depending on if you’re signed in while searching or not.

When you’re signed in to your Google Account, One such way is the Web History which is used to personalize your searches. Follow the steps below to deactivate it so your search activities are not recorded by Google anymore:

Step 1. Go to the My Account page and click on the Web History link.


Step 2. Click on the Pause link on the left to pause your Web History function. Your search history will not be recorded any more until you resume the service.


If you are not signed in to your Google Account, even then you can turn off Web History function by doing the following:

Step 1. Do a Google Search and on the results page, click the Web History link on the top right corner.


Step 2. Click on Disable customizations based on search history link which will turn the feature off.


Another way you can do that is by manually clearing your browser’s cookies so that Google doesn’t have your previous search data to customize your search results.

How to Disable Gmail Priority Inbox

Just now we posted about how to use Gmail priority Inbox and for all who opted for Gmail Priority Inbox but for some reasons decided to opt out of Priority inbox, here is where you can learn how to disable Priority inbox.

Go to Gmail settings and click on priority inbox. Under last option which says Show priority inbox: Select Do not show priority inbox and click on save. This will disable priority inbox.

So within 2-3 clicks you can disable Gmail priority inbox. I would love to know your reaction about this new Gmail feature. Are you using it or going to disable this feature?