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The Future of Wireless Charging for Multiple Devices: Magnetic Resonance

Wireless ChargingCurrent wireless charging technology is predominantly inductive, using an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects. This process is inefficient and causes devices to heat up more than they would if charged with traditional cables. Most types of inductive charging also require portable electronics to be placed on a charging pad because the potential distance between the wireless charger and device is minimal. In practice, this isn’t much better than using a cable to charge electronics.

Fujitsu and Wireless Charging 

Researchers at Fujitsu labs have announced that they have successfully used a magnetic resonance system to wirelessly charge multiple gadgets simultaneously over a distance of about six inches. In theory, the technology should be able to charge objects at a distance of over three feet, but this has yet to be proven. What researchers can say for sure is that the system transfers 85% of energy, wasting only 15% in the wireless charging process over the six-inch distance. While this is impressive, the rate of efficiency could change drastically if the distance between charger and device is increased even slightly. Researchers are currently working to resolve any issues with longer charging distances before the technology is released. Fujitsu’s vision is for consumers to be able to place multiple gadgets on a table or other surface within a reasonable distance of a charging coil, allowing each device to charge at its own rate and fill its unique energy capacity.

How Fujitsu’s Magnetic Resonance Works

Fujitsu’s technology involves tuning two coils to the same frequency in order to enable a transfer of energy. A coil and capacitor form the resonator and transfer electricity between the transmitter (wireless charger) and receiver (device). Innovations include a magnetic field analysis simulator, a specialized circuit simulator, and automated system that precisely matches resonance requirements. The magnetic field analysis simulator analyzes the coil model and works with the circuit simulator, which analyzes resonance conditions, to enable quick and accurate wireless charging system design, reducing the total system design time to 1/150th of the current average.

Implications for the Future

The new magnetic resonance technology is on schedule to be incorporated into market products for charging mobile phones and other electronic devices in 2012. Researchers are also exploring the possibilities of using it to charge electric cars and enable wireless energy transfer between circuit boards or computer chips.

Remove USB write protection error

The other day, my Kingston 2GB USB Pen Drive started showing up this weird error every time a Write operation was performed. I couldn’t rename, delete or write any file or folder. Even format operation was not being performed saying the disk is write protected. Just as I was about to give up thinking the Pen Drive had died I found out a solution.

You need to Low – Level Format your USB pen drive. Windows or even GParted in Linux does not perform a Low-Level format. They just do a normal one. Here I give below 2 such free utilities which will help you to format your USB drive and get it to work.

Run any of these and after format is complete. Reformat using the windows utility. It’ll start to work again. Be sure to recover all files before running a low level format as no recovery is possible after that.

Download : Apacer USB Repair Utility

Download : HDD Low Level Format Tool

Download Free SQL Server Video tutorials

For all those who wish to learn or enhance there skills in SQL using Microsoft SQL Server, the following 13 part video series will prove very beneficial.

It starts from scratch and takes you from What is a Database? all the way to building your own database driven application.

The first few videos focus on the theoretical aspects of a relational database, normalization, primary key, foreign key concepts.

Download SQL Server 2005 Express video tutorials

Part 1 : Video tutorials of for beginners – download for free

Absolute Beginner’s Video Series

vbnetThis video series is designed specifically for individuals who are interested in learning the basics of creating applications using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. The series includes over 10 hours of video-based instruction that walks you through creating your first “Hello World” application to a fully functioning RSS Reader application. Learn how to write your first application today.

Continue reading Part 1 : Video tutorials of for beginners – download for free

The 8-bit Tie : Mario wore to his high school graduation

The guys at ThinkGeek have come up wih 8-bit Tie. Geeks will rejoice, for the era of 8-bit computing is not forgotten.

Features :