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Dot for iPhone Records Videos in 360 Degree[Panorama]

Seems like iPhone is the device that can’t stop giving you unbelievable features that you have never imagined. We have seen so many add on devices that can be connected to your iPhone for making it one of the most powerful smartphones.

iPhone and iPod Touch are now capable of recording a video in panoramic mode thanks to the device called Dot, that is made by New York based company named – Kogeto.  Dot is expected to launch in an event in June, but the full volume production will be starting in August this year.

The device mounts really well on your iPhone or iPod Touch & lets you capture the video in 360 degrees without even need to rotate it. You can also carry around it while walking but the recommended method from Kogeto is just put the iPhone on  a flat surface & let it do the 360 degree video recording for you.

Dot Device For iPhone 360 Video
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Dot was aimed for capturing the environment by using the traditional camera that users have on their iPhone. After recording the video – you can simply view or navigate it in complete 360 degrees from the video itself. Additionally Kogeto is making a separate free app for it named “Looker” – which can help you in shooting, sharing & viewing videos captured by the Dot.  This app has capability of adding multiple panoramic videos from different iPhones & link together for greater precision in view or for a huge environmental scene.

Some of you may be disappointed knowing that this device only works for iPhone 4 & iPod Touch of the fourth generation. But as the company has stated they are working on the device for Android & iPad which are expected to hit market by Christmas, it shouldn’t be much of a disappointment.

The company has already started taking pre orders for the device from this Official Website of Dot. And you can also join the launch party or get Dot device by spending $47 or more at KickStarter Website.

What do you think of this Dot accessory for your iPhone? DO you enjoy recording 360 degree videos? They can be fun you know!

KT Launches WiMax Sleeve for iPhone 4


The last version of the Apple iPhone is named as the iPhone 4, but that has got nothing to do with its 4G capabilities. But need not worry about that, since there is a solution to enable 4G on your favorite iPhone 4.

KT or Korean telecom has unveiled the world’s first integrated WiMax 4G sleeve, with the new Portable Mobile WiMax Egg Series, the KWF-B2500, and the KM-MR100 in Korea. The KWF-B2500 is a WiMax Sleeve for iPhone 4 and the KM-MR100 is a portable WiMax hot-spot device.

The KWF-B2500 WiMax sleeve has been designed specially for the iPhone4 which weighs about 2.4 ounces(68g) with 62×126.5×17.2mm dimensions and comes with a 1500mAh additional battery in order to provide some extra juice to your iPhone 4. The sleeve comes only in Black colour, which gives you upto 5 hours of battery backup.

The KM-MR100 is a WiMax portable hotspot and will offer you up to 4hours of  battery back with continuous WiMax usage on a single charge.

Both the models from KT are priced at128,000 Won (approx. $120) each, which are currently available in South Korea and are expected to launch soon in other parts of the world.

So get ready to enable 4G on your Apple iPhone 4.


iPhone/iPod Touch App Review: Search Latest Music Albums Using iCrates

iTunes App store is full of Music apps offering multitude of features but mostly these apps lack in the search features. So if you are a huge music fan eager to collect some amazing and awesome records then you must try iCrates for iPhone and iPod Touch.

iCrates App by iCrates is an app for iPod Touch and iPhone that helps users to search for CDs, tapes and Vinyl Records. Plus it also facilitates users to search for latest music releases from their favorite artists and singers.

iCrates User Interface


Once you open up the app you can start off with the music search instantly. Enter in the name of album, artist or the catalog number and start off with your search instantly. Furthermore, to facilitate you in your music search quest there is barcode scanner as well using which you can search for rare vinyls at a record store.

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When iCrates App brings you the search results back it will be divided into three portions namely Artists, Releases and Label. All of these portions are further divided into categories and lists. For the Release Tab you will see information like EPs, singles and Albums tagged with the information such as Label, Artist, Ca#.


If you want to view more details about any of the main portions, tapping them will pop-up more details. Moreover, if any of the three portions(Release, Artist, Label) have a website, that particular information will also be displayed. You can add your search history to Favs list as well and later on can share this Fav list with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

I think iCrates for iPhone and iPod Touch is a pretty useful and handy tool for music fans. The search feature that this app offers is very comprehensive although Bar code scanner sometimes is unable to search for a particular CD. You can download iCrates from App store for $1.99.

QWERTY Keyboard Case for iPhone from Boxwave

Here’s a new QWERTY Keyboard Case for the iPhone, just strap it on and there you go, well not exactly. You get a fully functional full QWERTY keyboard that connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth and charges itself using a USB cable.

The additional keyboard is by a company called Boxwave and they’ve named this wonderful attachment as the Keyboard Buddy Case, which acts as a slide-out keyboard and also as a protection case for the iPhone.

Once the Keyboard Buddy is attached to the iPhone, it doubles the size and thus adds a few more ounces to the weight too. Not too bulky though, unlike other iPhone keyboard cases out there this is quite slimmer and on a full charge lasts upto 45 days. This would be very helpful for people who want to get an iPhone but aren’t comfortable with the on-screen QWERTY.

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The Keyboard Buddy Case is available at for a totally worth price of $ 69.95 including free shipping within the U.S, ships worldwide too.

Do you think this is a worthy piece of Hardware?

Speck Fitted Case for iPhone 4 – Review

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