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WidgetLocker: Add New Sliders and Widgets on Android Lock Screen

Normally you just get one unlock slider for the Android’s lock screen, one for the sound and another for unlocking the screen. Wouldn’t it be useful if you could directly access other useful widgets without unlocking the screen, such as the phone dialer or Messages or Gmail. This new app from a developer Teslacoil would help you with this and let you customize your Android Lock Screen.

It’s called the WidgetLocker and it will allow you do customize the Android Lock screen by addition of new sliders, App shortcuts and widgets on the Lock screen. You can also hide your notification bar using this app and to add more items on the lock screen you’ll just have to long press like on the home screen. The app is really beautiful and has many other options too, but comes with a price. It’s not free as it’ll cost you about $1.99 and only supports Android OS version 2.1 or Android 2.2.

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You can download the app from the Android Market on your Android Phone by searching for WidgetLocker or from Official Website. You could also use this Barcode below to download it directly via your phone using a Barcode Reader App.

What do you think of this amazing and useful app? I found it very useful. Do try it out.

10 Most Fruitful Android Apps for Students

Android Phones are most popular among the young generation, and mostly for the students. Android apps are equally spread in all the fields whether it is music, games, or study etc.

Incase you missed other useful android apps:

Following is the list of Android Apps which will help students in studies and socialize them with their friends.

Android Apps for Students
Android Apps for Students

I know student life is tough: P It would be great if your Android phone helps you in making student life and studies easier. I have compiled the list of useful apps for helping students. Have a Look:

1. SMS BackupTo Gmail

Backup To Gmail
Backup To Gmail

Students prefer chatting among each other, rather than calling, as messages are cheaper than making calls. What if your favorite message get deleted? Huh! Don’t worry this app will take backup of all your Messages.

Price: $1.99

2. ColorDict Universal Dictionary

Color Dict Universal Dictionary
Color Dict Universal Dictionary

Dictionary is the most important tool for student of any group age. We ourselves don’t know when we need to search for meaning of any word. Keeping a thick dictionary in your bag is not easy. This app will save you from holding more weight. This dictionary do not needs Internet!! No extra money to be wasted.

Price: Free

3. Evernote


It is must app for students, because sometimes we need to some points or things, which are prior to be forgetting. It is a very handy app, which will maintain all your notes, whether they are text notes or voice notes. You just need to register a free account at Evernote official website.

Price: Free

4.  Quickpedia


Wikipedia is the biggest encyclopedia in the world with over 17 Million articles; it plays the most important source of knowledge for students. Quickpedia is a free which will helps in browsing Wikipedia, which is compatible and optimized format for your Android Phone. No need to scroll the page up and down.

Price: Free

5.  Offiviewer


No need to ask for txt files from your teachers, because now you will be able to open all the Microsoft Office format documents directly on your phone. Even this app can open pdf files too. But it need good internet connection for server-based document rendering.

Price: Free

6. Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder
Voice Recorder

Why to note down the lecture contents on notebook? Record them directly to your Android Phone and listen to them at your home. This apps helps you in making long recording and will directly save your recordings to MicroSD Card. It means you need to memory full problem. You can easy search any recording among a large list.

Price: Free

7. Mathdroid


Maths is integrated in most of the subjects, which needs us to bring scientific calculator to class. Now you don’t need to remember to pick up scientific calculator before going to class. This calculator will be added to your phone with the help of this app. It maintains history and display in multi-line format too.

Price: Free

8. Twidroid


Are you a twitter addictive and keep on tweeting all the time then, Twitdroid will support in continue uninterrupted tweeting directly from your phone. It includes all the twitter features like direct messaging, photo posting, replies, retweets etc.

Price: Free/Paid Both Available

9. Fbook For Facebook

Fbook For Facebook
Fbook For Facebook

I think I should mention this app at the top 😛 The student who is not on Facebook, is not called as student 🙂 just kidding. Fbook will keep you socialized with your friends through Facebook. You can directly upload photos directly from your phone.

Price: Free

10. Palringo


Palringo is an IM Client, which allows you add all the services like Google chat, Yahoo chat, Facebook Chat etc. it features to stay connected with all the services at a time without switching between different applications.

I hope all the above apps will help you in your studies. If you are using some other useful apps for your studies, do share them with us.

To Gmail

5 Best Free Android Apps for Music Lovers

Android Music Apps

Everybody loves listening music on their phone. Caring for Android Users, Android is having bunch of applications for fulfilling various and dynamic needs of users. If you love to listen music all the time on your phone, I would like you to have a look at some awesome music apps, which you will surely love.

More Android Apps:

My top 5 Android Apps for Music Lovers:

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio Android App

Pandora is a personalized radio app; Pandora will create a station that plays their music and more music like it. It is one of the best apps for managing your own music stations.

Price: Free


Winamp Android App

You might have used winamp on your laptop/pc. It is one of the best music managing application and fully loaded with all the features for music lovers like making playlists, equalizers. It is available for you Android phone too. Grab it now!!

Price: Free


Rhapsody Music Android App

Rhapsody is an application available free of cost in the android market, it provides you the opportunity to download songs from a collection of 9 million songs.

Price: App is Free, But subscription in the song library is Premium

Lyrics App

Lyrics App for Android

Lyrics App is an amazing app which allows you to get the lyrics of songs instantly while the song is played. It displays an icon on the status bar for easy lyrics access.

Price: Free

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker Android App

Ringtone Maker is very useful for creating new tones for alarms, and other apps. It allows you to crop the tones by time-line feature. You can set the start and ending notes by sliding arrows along the time-line. You can open existing audio file in a scrollable waveform representation.

Price: Free

I hope you love all these apps, if you are using some other music apps for your android phone. Do share them with us.

Tips to Increase Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Android market is increasing at such a faster rate that these days almost all mobile phones and tablets are based on Android OS. But on the other hand due to cheap price of these gadgets there are some disadvantages Android Phones too.

Android Battery
Android Battery

Let me explain you about the problem, the problem is companies are introducing cheap Android phones and they are also adding good speed processors but the battery capacity is not upto the mark. Due to which phones loose their battery power soon, but don’t worry we can still manage our battery power by some changes in the settings and using style.

Following are the tips with which you can improve your Android Phone’s Battery life

Keep Control of Features

There are various features available in the Android OS, which drain your battery power quickly. Make use of Android Power Control Widget, the widgets on the homescreen must be controlled like things which are related to Data calls (Internet). Keep them in limit.

Disable 3G when Not in Use

If you do not use 3G make it turn off, because 3G needs more battery power. 2G network works smoothly for making calls and messages. If you need high internet speed, you can switch to 3G.

Android Battery Usage
Android Battery Usage

Minimize Screen Brightness

This is one of the most effective ways to improve your battery life. The LED light in the screen consumes the most part of battery power; you can install Brightness widget on your desktop. It will make things smooth and easy.

Turn-Off GPS

GPS also adds to battery eater utility. Control you GPS usage and keep it turn-off when not in use.

Delete Unnecessary Apps

Always install only those apps which are most useful for you, don’t install useless apps which are specially battery eater.  Allow your Android Phone to breath in open air.

Manage Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is also responsible for less battery backup. For controlling your Wi-Fi usage and activities, you can use semi-hidden “Advanced” Wi-Fi management screen. You can manually select a time-out option.

Avoid use White Pattern Wallpaper

White screen= bright screen=more power consumption. It’s always a better practice to use dark pattern wallpapers. They will increase your battery life and look beautiful too 😛

Charge Your Phone in Switch-Off Mode

I don’t think it will be possible for you, but if you want to increase your battery backup you have to make it possible. Make your phone charging in switch off mode, you will surely notice change in the battery backup time.

I hope after implementing all the tips, you battery will surely support your Android Phone life.

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Picsel Smart Office: Edit Office Files on Android Mobile

We  get several emails with attachment of different types of office documents and PDF and when we view these emails on our mobile phone then we might have problem seeing or editing these documents. I have no doubt to say that Picsel Smart Office is a wonderful Android application to view and edit office documents easily on your Android device.

Picsel Smart Office

If you are out of station and unable to access your PC/Laptop and you get an email with an attachment of Excel file which requires immediate editing or viewing then what you will do? In this condition this Android software can be a great help for you.

Features of Picsel Smart Office

  • We can access live view of any office format
  • We can edit word files
  • We can edit PowerPoint files
  • We can edit Excel files
  • We can create new office document
  • We can view PDF
  • Localized to many other languages such as Japanese and Korean etc.
  • View 3D documents

License: Shareware

Price: £5.99

Version: 1.2.4

Download Link

3 Free and Reliable Antivirus Apps for Android

Security is very important when it comes to technology, either or PC or mobile phones. For PC security there are many antivirus software available, if you are not aware of reliable antivirus software then check out following articles:

Just like PC, it is important that you select the antivirus software for your mobile too. Here are few good antivirus apps for your Android phone which will keep your data safe and you download all these apps for free.


Lookout Mobile Security is one of the most popular antivirus apps for Android. It removes all viruses, malware from your mobile phones. It keeps track of all software installed and easily scans them. It also provides “find my phone” feature which helps to search lost phone.


[ Download Link ]


Just like Lookout, SmrtGuard also provides the “Find My Phone” features apart from that it also provides Audio Ping, Call/Spam Blocker, SimCard Guardian. SmrtGuard also gives you option of push notification via Google Push service.


[ Download Link ]

AVG Antivirus:

Antivirus scans and removes all viruses and malware before downloading any app from store. It can also locate lost device via GPS. It has features like creating, displaying messages and manages applications remotely. It also provides protection from SMS spammers.

AVG antivirus

[ Download Link ]

Do you find antivirus application useful for your mobile phones? If yes then which one you prefer to use?

5 Useful Android Applications for Bloggers

The main problem with bloggers is to keep themselves updated even if they are away from their computer system. Thus we have shared with you few gadgets for bloggers and smartphone with internet connection becomes the necessity out of those gadgets to keep your updated on go. If you own an iPhone then you must check out blogging apps for iPhone and Nokia Blogging Apps but if you are using Android phones then here are few applications which you consider installing so that you can manage your blogs even when you are out.

Here are 5 blogging applications for Android:


WordPress is a free application for Android which will allow you to edit post, add images, publish it and even easy to manage comments too. With latest version you can easily add pages and media to your post to make it more useful and you will receive comment notifications feature too. It’s a user-friendly application.


[ Link ]

More Useful Android Apps:


Images always enhances our blog post and what would be better than Photoshop? Photoshop app will provide you all the features which can edit your image and you can add them in your blog post. You can easily crop, rotate, color correct, add different texture and effects to your images and upload it online.


[ Link ]


Blogaway is useful for users who use Blogger. It provides you features like multiple account support, tags and labels, interlinks, managing drafts. You can even add images from Picasa and videos from YouTube. The new beta version is providing you WordPress facility too. If you are Blogger user, it’s worth trying out.


[ Link ]


Evernote is must for all the bloggers, on your laptop or mobile phone. We get ideas anywhere and thus it’s important that as soon as any idea clicks we can note down and what would be better than Evernote? Evernote gives us options to save text, snaps, voice memos and more.


[ Link ]

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is awesome application for those who want to keep track of their Google Analytics data. You can check out the summary of your blog. It provides you features like Date range comparison, custom reports, reports via geolocation, regex enabled searches and many more.

google analytics

[ Link ]

If you are using any blogging app for Android do share with us.

5 Free Android Apps to Increase Your Productivity

Technology is for making you productive and thus we have already shared few apps to increase your productivity on Mac, iPad, BlackBerry and here comes few useful applications for Android which will save your time and make you productive. All these apps are free to use and worth downloading.

Goals to-do:

To- do list is best way to use your time effectively. Goals to-do is an app which offers a perfect to-do list. It also helps you to remember projects, project categories, an inbox, integrate with Google Calendar, Google Maps, contacts and much more.

Goal to-do

[ Download Link ]


Evernote is unrivaled when it comes to take notes, upload files, snapshots or audio files. Evernote is one of the must have app if you want to take notes, text your ideas anywhere with your Android mobile phone. After creating notes you can easily search them on Evernote without any clutter.


[ Download Link ]

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Time Tracking

If you have a problem of managing time then TimeClock will help you to track your time as you are working and send you the data into a spreadsheet to create your invoices. Each time record stores client, notes and a secondary data field that defaults to “Location”, but you can change it according to your requirements.


[ Download Link ]


DropBox app for Android gives you all the useful features helpful to upload, sync, view and share your content in your Dropbox. You can easily upload photos from your phone and share it with your friends quickly and easily.


[ Download Link ]


GDocs is available in multiple languages and you can use it as a notepad to create, edit, view, sync documents from your Google Docs account. Google docs is already providing lots of new feature and this app comes handy when you need to sync documents.


[ Download Link ]

If you are using any free app to increase your productivity for Android smartphones then do share with us.

Download Free Angry Birds for Android Mobile Phones

Angry bird is one of the top popular paid application for iPhone and symbian mobile phones. Company behind Angry birds has released full version of Angry birds game for free for Android phones. The requisite for Android phone is Android 1.6+.

Though the free full version of angry birds will support ads and company is planning to give an option to users to remove ads by paying some amount.


Here is a cinematic trailer of Angry birds:

Download link for Full version of Angry birds:


Do let us know your review about this game. Do you love playing angry birds?