A Cat That Talks: Talking Tom for Android & iOS [App]

Few days back, I have purchased an iPhone 3G. In first few days I didn’t like the phone, but as soon I got knowledge about its app store, I fall in love with it. I started searching for various apps and games in store. I have already downloaded about 45 apps for my iPhone (all free ones :P).

One day my friend told me about an app which talks, for the first I was not able to understand what he is talking about (as he told me on phone), then I searched for it and I found one Entertaining app known as “Talking Tom Cat”.

Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat is really an amazing app for iphone/ipod/ipad. Talking Tom repeats everything you say with a funny voice. :-) This app is specially designed for children for fun and enjoyment. Now Talking Tom app is available for Android Phones also 🙂

What Talking Tom Cat do?

Talking Tom copies what you speak, it is just a kind of voice recording app. Let me explain, When you speak something to tom in the app, it will repeat the same words. It just copies your speaking tone. If you laugh, he will also laugh. Sometimes this app becomes very funny and interesting.

Talking tom cat also includes some other touches to which tom responds, like petting him, poking, and grab his tail. Tom responds amazing to various actions.

This app also offers video recording of the session you passed talking and playing with tom and you can share the session on Facebook and twitter with a single click.

You can download this app for Free!!

I am sure you will love this app. Do let me know how you enjoyed & played with Tom? I would love to hear about your experience with Tom.