Buy iPhone 4 Clone from China for $85

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Chinese mobile market is famous for cloning popular mobile and tablets and I’m sure you must be aware of iPhone 4 clone and iPhone 4S chinese clone which is available to buy in chinese market for less than $100. The design and look of these iPhone 4 clone looks exactly the same as original iPhone 4.

Infact now, iPhone 4S white color clones are also available in the market. Though, I really doubt if we can use it to run SIRI or not but for sure you can run Android. I have added a video below and you can check it out yourself.

Though, I don’t have any official specs of these iPhone clones, but it comes with Normal li-ion battery, dual Sim card slot, and there are 3-4 variations in the market. Some of the allows battery to be replaced and some of them have design like Apple iPhone, which don’t let you replace battery easily.

Image of iPhone 4 Clone:

The Chinese clone makers has started developing copies of iPhone 4clone. The newly spotted clone of the iPhone 4 from China is called the ePhone 4GS and just cost $85.

iPhone 4 Clone

When comparing the cloned iPhone 4 with the original one, one thing is very clear. China is developing so much in cloning skills. They are genius in making all these stuff. Although its made of cheap plastic, not able to find difference that easily.

It has lower resolution when comparing to iPhone 4 retina display. But the ePhone 4GS comes with front and back facing cameras and 16GB memory.

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Well, if I’m someone who just need an iPhone in hand to show off, I would not mind buying these fake china iPhone, as they also work and if you are getting the joy of holding an iPhone for less than $100, it makes complete sense to me. But, if you are buying it to get all the amazing features of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, you are going to miss out a great chunk of fun and it will be  a bad investment.

Here is a video review of one of these Fake iPhone china phone call SoPhone:

Here is an image showing an original iPhone and other one of fake iPhone from China, can you spot the design differences:

iPhone 4 Vs Fake iPhone 4

I will update the link to buy iPhone clone soon, meanwhile you can join us on Facebook for updates. Would you prefer spending your money on one of these fake chinese iPhone or you planning to buy an original iPhone?

56 thoughts on “Buy iPhone 4 Clone from China for $85”

  1. ephones are already famous in India i think. and their new comer (fake)/. looks quite same ..and it has front cam i bet it will also have unique IMEI no.. there is a saying “God made the sky & earth. Everything else is Made in China”

  2. I just got one, and it doesn’t need the duct tape or the apple case to receive signal properly.

  3. May be somebody can help me.
    i bought the iphone 4 in China. can you please let me know how to add apps and configurate emails and synchronising?

  4. Some people are confused about the clones..
    I have been reading around about these phones and there are quite a few choices….
    The one in this article is calles ePhone 4GS, there are other ones called Air Phone No. 4, other Called ciPhone 4 E9000,… so don’t get confused…
    I been looking to find a seller of the ePhone 4GS (mentioned in this article), but i haven’t had any luch yet… only one in Chine, but i preffer some place around here or Canada will be good…
    The one seller in China price goes from $70 to $80

  5. are you guys having problem with your battery?
    Mine after complete charge it stays only 1 hour.

  6. There are 2 batteries in the package, they are not that bad, could last about 2 or 3 days after complete charge.

  7. jessica can u email me on [email protected] as i would like to ask a few questions about the phone u bought. I bought the airphone 4 but am experiencing difficulties. many thanks,

  8. Can the Chinese cloned iPhone 4GS, which comes with its own OS and applications (clunky, in m opinion) be switched to Apple iPhone OS?

  9. Hey Michael…
    I have been asking and looking around the web about the exact same question, and in how it could be done… But so far no one has answer it.

    If you do come out with the answer, please share it with me. I will do the same if i find it.

  10. Hello

    Can you tell me if there is arabic settings on the iphone 4 copie?

    Is this the latest model for a copy?

    Who do i order it from, and how much total cost? (website)

    What are all its’ features?

    Thank you

  11. Does the iPhone 4 clone has an easy touch screen like the real ones.? And can the touch screen can only be touches with your fingers.?

  12. I just bought one but I can’t get any of the apps downloaded nor can I get them to work. Some of them say, “install first” but I don’t know how to do that. How did you get yours to work. The camera and phone work great; the calculator works great but I don’t understand Chinese and some of the settings are in Chinese and some I have no idea what they mean. I can’t get the browser to work because I don’t know how to set it up. Can you tell me how you did it? Thanks so much

  13. I’m a chinese and i might be able to help out. Could you please paste / take a photo of the chinese words here? I’ll translate it for ya 😀

  14. i have one of these iphone 4 that is from china its ok but i cannot get the internet to work i am on O2 network. i have settings from o2 to change it but i cant get it to work as what it is telling me to do it hasnt got it on the phone. can anyone help??

  15. Hi! so I bought it too and as pamela I donit know how to download applications on it and configurate emails. So did you find how to do it?
    Could you help me

  16. I have one of those Iphone4 clones from China. There are different versions of these clones. some do not have wifi. The JAVA installed has web pages that still open up with chinese characters even though the phone is switched to English. If you are an Apple App. user this phone is not for you. If you like to transfer the MP3 and MP4s directly with a file manager instead of ITunes you might like this clone. The camera and Screen resolution is not as good as the high end phones on the market today

  17. hey. do not buy any fake phones from china. i have boughten two iphone 4s and they are pieces of crap. i wasted 160 on garbage. you can email me and ill tell you anything you want to know. its not worth your money or time or nerves.

  18. I have one of this phones.its ok and works properly.but range of wifi is low.battery is weak but fortunatly you can change with nokia original support not bad.I cant capture a pic with back camera .it only captures videos

  19. hey i had a question about the clone iphone4 i know verizon has a iphone out now if i go head and buy the clone will i be able to use it for the verizon network

  20. I just want to know how to switch to English. I would love to install iOS4, but think that is out of the question.

  21. hey guys can anyone help me out with i phone 4 china copy i just got it as a gift but i am not able to use it can any one help me out does it need to be unlocked first before i could start using please help me guys i have no clue about this phone

  22. Hey guys im having problem with my iphones, after i charge the phone battery full the phone switch on i did replaced it with nokia battery and aswell it wont turn on i bought it recently do help me on this matter thanks..

  23. Hi, my Grandson brought one of these copies in Thailand, it has dual sim cards – what does this mean – how do you get it to work? Will it work in England?

  24. Hi,
    i want this phone how i can get,please let me know,if i order after how many days i will get,i am living in Qatar,how much the price.
    Thank u,

  25. hey guys..i just recently bougth a china iphone4…i cannot make the wifi works…anybodyhere to help?..pls do help me..

  26. hi, just bought this iphone4 clone and mine is the latest one which is really the same with the real iphone 4. even the sim card insertion on the side is the same (not dual sim), no battery needed and the charged last for 3days. all the icons and fonts are the same that if i won’t tell you that its fake, you wont notice it. it’s really a great substitute for iphone4, the problem is just the applications. i do want to delete them and trying hard to find out the solution. pls. share if somebody has found out the solution. thanks.

  27. Einra..
    Where did you buy the iPhone 4 clone, and how much did you pay for it?

  28. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! never buy fake iphones or other fake brands in China. they all suck!!! BUY REAL IPHONES!!! trust me the real iphones are a 100 times better then the fake ones.

  29. How can I tell the difference between the real iPhone 4s 16GB and the fake one right out of the box?

  30. some of them don’t so, you might have to buy a new one or a differnt phone or live with it.

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