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When Apple launched the iPhone 4S, they made it clear that the unlocked version of the device will be available in the United States in November. But, one important thing they did not let us in on was the date when it’ll be available in the U.S. You don’t have to wonder anymore, because Apple has now started selling the unlocked versions of the iPhone 4S on it’s Apple Online Store.

The iPhone 4S is now available in 29 countries, but most of them are locked to a carrier. So, if you don’t like that, you can get an unlocked iPhone 4S from the U.S Apple Online Store now. Being tied to a carrier means that you’d have to bear the roaming charges when you’re travelling, which could be pretty expensive at times. Hence, an unlocked iPhone will be a better idea, as you can change your SIM card whenever and wherever you want.

The iPhone 4S is both a GSM and CDMA phone, however that works only if you’re tied to a carrier, which means that the unlocked one will not be a world phone. You can only GSM SIM cards on the unlocked 4S. Here are the official U.S prices for unlocked iPhone 4S;

iPhone 4S 16 GB – $649
iPhone 4S 32 GB – $749
iPhone 4S 64 GB –  $849

The delivery dates for the unlocked devices are presently said to be 1-2 weeks, which is a long wait. But, you can also buy the unlocked iPhone 4S from certain Apple retail outlets if you’re planning on a road trip.

Buy Unlocked iPhone 4S from the Apple Online Store.

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