Browser ID: A Universal Quick Login System by Mozilla

Sometimes logging into websites becomes a very hectic and a painful task, so Mozilla Labs have launched an online system in its beta phase called as BrowserID that will eventually make this painful process of logging into websites a piece of cake. Here is a run down of this innovative tool:

What is BrowserID?

Basically it’s a cross platform web-based tool that allows users to login onto any of the supported websites with just a simple verification of a pre-designated email ID. This means that you don’t have to remember or type passwords again and again, if the site you are trying to login supports BrowserID then you can get-in with just a single click.

BrowserID A Better Way to Sign In

Mozilla has in detail explained that how this new innovative online system works, the system holds good for all the developers, end users and any kind of identity providers. Moreover, best part is that it’s a universal login system that is valid for all the web browsers and supporting websites.

How to Signup?

You can signup for the website using FavoriteBeer, a demo site tagged with BrowserID. Just open the site and click on “Sign-in”, a signup process will initiate that you will have to complete. You just have to verify you email address and then you are all set to go. The process is same for all the BrowserID supported sites.

For the techie readers, the BrowserID uses what is called as Virtual Email Protocol, a procedure that a user employs to tell a website that they control a particular email ID through any of the available internet browser.

Though you can find numerous offline password manager softwares but most of these don’t work as they are suppose to. So BrowserID will indeed be a great alternative to the existing password systems.

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