Browse Internet In Style with Miren Browser For Android

Android’s stock browser is pretty much sufficient for normal users who want a browser that allows them to type in a web address and it quickly takes them to that website. But if you are a tech savvy user possessing thirst for more feature heavy internet browser on your Android phone then there is a good news for you. Miren is the latest addition in Android browser realm and as per developers claim, it is a browser that will provide a very instinctive browsing experience to users.

Miren For Android Features


When you launch Miren, first thing that you will come across is start-up screen. The start-up screen is full of details from top to bottom, as you rotate your device from normal mode to landscape mode a Lock icon appears that is an orientation lock.

Miren Startup screen

Although the orientation lock button goes away after sometime but it reappears every time you switch orientation of your Android device.

The moment you touch the screen within Miren interface, 3 large transparent buttons appear on screen. The middle button is for RSS Feeds that automatically detects feeds on a website, rest of the two buttons are Back and Full-screen. Using Full-screen button you can easily toggle between address bar and tab bar.

The interesting thing you will notice about it is that for any active tab there is no website label, rather the tab displays only a big ‘X’. I think Miren developers have assumed that users will know that what site they are browsing so instead of cramping label on a tab they have just included a X button so that they can close it easily.

Miren Settings

Settings page for Miren

The browsers settings is divided into two tabs, Common and Advanced. Common settings menu includes options like “scroll using volume button” and “load images”. Advanced settings page is for tech savvy users, it includes options like “tab bar visibility” and some other.

Built-in RSS Reader

That’s True! Miren browser boasts a full fledge RSS Reader, meaning that developers must have added loads of coding. Most of the users will not find this RSS Reader to be useful and it also do not sync with Google Reader. But it is a fair effort from Miren developers to include a RSS module altogether.

Overall I think Miren is an extremely useful browser and it will definitely turn out to be a serious contender to the likes of Dolphin Browser HD that have already consolidated their name in Android marketplace.

You can download Miren for free from Android marketplace.

Give us your opinion on Miren Browser for Android. What other browsers do you use on your Android device?