Boost PC Security With Boot Scan Enabled Antivirus Programs

Need of Boot scan

Boot time scan is run before starting any pc application by an Antivirus software. Some time our PC gets infected by a threat due to our own mistake such as if we disable real-time Antivirus protection or our Antivirus is unable to detect threat due to outdated virus definitions. In some cases it may be possible that Antivirus is unable to delete or quarantine the threat in running condition. In this condition scheduling a boot time scan can remove the threat.

How it Works

When we schedule a boot time scan the Antivirus asks to restart PC. When PC is rebooting than Antivirus don’t allow any application to run instead of Windows files and starts scanning Windows and other files. Due to inactivity of threats Antivirus can easily delete or quarantine the infection. Boot Scan function is rare in Antivirus softwares and here are two good Antivirus programs having boot scan capability.

Avast 5 Home edition

We can schedule Boot scan with Avast. Avast is one of the best Antivirus program having a comprehensive virus database. Avast Home edition is free and working like a paid Antivirus such as Kasperky or Nortan etc. To enable boot scan with Avast :-

  • Double click on Avast tray located in bottom right corner of desktop (task-bar)
  • Click on the option “scan computer” and then “Boot-time scan”

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QuickHeal Antivirus

Quick is another Antivirus software with which we can schedule a boot time scan. But the only difference that you must be sure about your boot scan scheduling options because after starting the scan Quick heal don’t allow you to control scan i.e. you can’t stop or skip the scan unlike Avast. Besides QuickHeal is not free and you can use only its one month trial for free.

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Overall Boot time scanning can save your system from re installing operating system. And if your Antivirus program have this utility, it is a  plus point regarding your system security.

Do let us know if you are using any antivirus which scan at boot time?