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Sharing links with your friends and family via social networking websites is commonplace these days. Today we’ll be reviewing a web app which is similar to sharing content with your acquaintances, but with a lot of extra features. The service is called, a free online music discovery and sharing service which lets users perform person-to-person music recommendation through a social playlist.

This discovery and sharing service is known as ‘blipping’ and consists of two parts, the first of which is searching songs through artists, title, genre etc. and the second part lies with previewing it and then adding a 140 character Twitter like message to that song and share it with friends.

Blipping a track therefore means that someone recommended their friends to an awesome song which they found out and felt was worth listening to accompanied by a personal recommendation message. service can be integrated to appear in other users replies as well, for which all you have to do is to add the character ‘@’ before you send the message. Also, if your friends and contacts feel that you have shared a great songs, the can ‘Prop’ you which is the Facebook equivalent to ‘Like’.

However, one advantage of Prop is that if your blips get Propped often, your credits increase and gets banked and later can be used to give credits to other fellow DJ who blip along you. Playlist formation is easy while using and multiple songs can be added in the playlist and once added, you can also share entire playlists with your fellow DJs or listen to their favorite playlists. is now also integrated with Facebook, making it easier for you to share all those blips with your Facebook friends and contacts. Twitter is already supported so blipping along with tweeting is a lot of fun if you are a music junkie.

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The sign up process is simple as you just need to enter your username or ‘DJ name’ as dubs it, and a valid e-mail to get started and after that, things are pretty simple. Just search your favorite songs and start blipping. If you need more help, the FAQ page and/or Blog will help you guide into your quest to blipping.


Some of the cool features of can be summarized as follows:

  • Access to millions of free songs along with a following of targeted enthusiasts sharing the same taste in music as you.
  • Full support for Facebook and Twitter so none of your friends will be missed while you blip.
  • Simplified and easy to use user interface (UI) and top-level menu to get users to the three main streams (everyone, your favorite DJs, and user’s own)
  • Support for video blips as well (users with low bandwidth have the option to skip the video blips)
  • Ability to pause/resume the blipstream to take an in depth view of what is being recommended

If you are a music addict then you must try it out and don’t forget to share your feedback with us.