Bing and Yahoo Search Merged

Bing and Yahoo Search mergedIt had been coming for so long; Yahoo! Search has finally merged with Microsoft’s Bing. Yahoo will be incorporating the Big search engine at their back end and although users will continue to use the Yahoo search, the underlying result processing will all be performed on the engine that powers Bing. The transition from Yahoo’s own search engine to Bing has started, as stated by Shashi Seth, Senior Vice president of Yahoo on his blog.

The transition is expected to be complete within a few weeks during which many tools and services will be disabled (e.g. Search Monkey Developer tools, Gallery etc.) and new tools and services will be introduced by October 1, 2010, the time by which the transition to Bing is expected to be 100% complete. The move is believed to be made in order to build a competitor to internet’s most popular search engine Google, which has a major share in the internet search market by far. By joining forces, both Yahoo and Microsoft hope to topple the giant which Google is. However, from the look of how the search market is titled in favor of Google, it seems unlikely, at least for a start that Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing could do anything significant to drive the user base away.

However, good thing for us the internet users is that with the dawn of a unified search engine from both Microsoft and Yahoo will result in more competition which will enhance the search quality.