4 Completely Free VPN Server For Desktop & Mobile

Internet censorship is commonplace these days in schools, universities and organisations where it is unwanted for people to access certain services (usually social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc., video streaming websites like YouTube, Metacafe, and P2P services) in order to either save bandwidth or work time.

The usual way used by those who want to get around this blocking is to access blocked services and websites through web proxies or proxy servers, which can be slow, insecure and inefficient at times.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technique that gives all the benefits of accessing blocked content online while having none of the disadvantages suffered by proxies.

VPN uses authorization and encryption to connect securely to external hosts thereby giving you a chance to visit restricted and blocked websites easily from a network. Usually, VPN service is not free, but we have a list of top 2 free VPN clients that you can use to get around website blocking.

Best Free VPN server & services


Tunnelbear free VPN

This is my favorite free VPN client for iPhone and Mac. It is also available for Windows & Android and offers free VPN browsing data of 500 MB. You can get additional 1GB data just by tweeting about this free VPN client. It offers to tunnel from various countries and is ultra fast.

The best part is, you need to create only one profile, and you can use the same profile on your multiple devices. TunnelBear is an award-winning VPN software, and also offers a Chrome extension to access the unrestricted internet.

Check out TunnelBear



CyberGhost VPN lets you use the server from 30+ countries. They have free version & paid version too. The free version has limited number of countries that you can use.

The free version is available for Mac, Windows & Android.  You can also use CyberGhost VPN on your iPhone using their iOS app.

Download CyberGhost for free


Hidemyass used to be a popular web proxy site & now they have used their knowledge to evolve themselves into a full-fledge VPN software.

Hidemyass VPN software is available for all desktop & mobile platform. Be it hiding your location while surfing or browsing bandwidth extensive sites like YouTube or other video streaming sites, Hidemyass is a perfect solution.

You can also configure your router to use HMA! Pro VPN. You can connect to their wide network of servers: 910+ VPN servers in 340+ locations in 190+ countries.

This is highly useful when you want to browse the internet for a country as a local user.  With a rating of 7.6 on trusted pilot, Hidemyass is a trusted VPN service that you can use right now.

Note: Hidemyass is no more free 🙁

Download HidemyAss


A secure SSL/TLS based VPN service which provides an extra dimension of security and privacy to the websites you visit. You need to install the OpenVPN client software to use the OpenVPN service that only works on desktop operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux) with no mobile operating system support. <link>

If you know about any other free working VPN service, please share with us.

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  1. yup correct these are free but they have limitation like 1 ip if connected there are many more like 100+ users are already connected with that ip, so it does not mean your hide from internet surfing.

    best are always to use vpn is buy an vpn service and use it. through u can b anonymous do anything what you exact looking for.

    Free are good to safe money but not more to secure your identity online./

  2. I have suggested All of You, You can use Google Chrome Zenmate Extension Easily Use, without face any difficulties. It is very easy to use and quickly work. I recommended with all of you First Use it.

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