BaseKit: Easily Create Web Pages without Any Coding Knowledge

A lot of people (including me a short time ago) thought that website development is a job for a professional web developer who knows web scripting languages. However, with the recent advances and mass usage of website, this is no longer true. Basekit is one such app which proves this wrong. It is a great and easy to work with tool designed to build websites using Web 2.0 technologies without having to substantially code!


With Basekit, making the layout of the website has become very simple. It automatically lets you select your Photoshop images and then slices and converts them to meet the standard requirements of HTML and CSS. This is done with a very fast, robust and efficient mechanism in just a few clicks. Effectively, Basekit enables a website to be built just by dragging and dropping items which you want, where you want. The app has an environment which lets you draft out the layouts of new websites and work on multiple drafts at a time. All you current under construction websites can be viewed together in a thumbnail view. The width of the website pages can be altered and so does the column layout on a single template. This means different web pages have different columns depending on how you set them.




You can also add widgets like video, downloads, social media feeds etc. to your website using Basekit. Also you can edit your website’s CSS content and preview it before finalizing and once finalized; a single click will take your website from under construction to up and running. There are literally hundreds of features, widgets, customizations offered by Basekit which can be truly explored once you start developing your website with it. If you’re planning to do so, do give Basekit a shot!


Test the service and let us know. You can also check the sample web pages made using BaseKit here.

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