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5 Must Have Windows Software for any Computer

This is a guest post by Yousuf Khan who blogs at HaveFunForever. If you wish to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our guest posting guidelines.

There are millions of apps available for PCs but most of them are useless. In this post I going to share 5 must have windows apps which you may use daily.

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Fences is the first app which comes in my mind when I hear the word organised. Fences is a very good app to keep your desktop organised. You can hide icons when you don’t need them. You create sizable shaded areas and add icons to them. <Link>

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager or IDM is the best free download manager with speed limiter and resume capability. It automatically integrates with all the popular browsers. You can also create different folders for different types of file formats and they will be automatically downloaded to the desired folder. <Link>


Winamp is a cool music/video player which I have used on all of the PCs. There are many equalizers available so you can choose the one you like. You can easily organize songs by making different playlists. It has an integrated browser so you can easily search and download songs within the music player. <Link>


Most of the time when you try do delete a file, you get an error that the file is in use. Unlocker can be used to delete such files. All you have to do is right-click on a file and click on unlock.  <Link>


Winrar is a good file compressing software which can compress files very quickly. Simply click on a file to be compressed and click on add to archive. Give the archive a name, select a format between zip/rar and click on Ok. <Link>

This is not all, there are many essential software’s like Antivirus, messengers and other softwares which can be included in the list of must have software’s. We will keep you updated with the latest software’s, don’t forget to subscribe to CallingAllGeeks, to keep getting latest updates.

3 Chrome Extensions So You Never Miss Anything!

This is a guest post by Yousuf Khan who blogs at HaveFunForever. If you wish to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our guest posting guidelines.

Here I am sharing 3 useful Google Chrome notification extensions with the help of which you will never miss any mail, tweet, article and message by just intalling these 3 small yet powerful extensions.

Google chrome
Google chrome

GMail Notifier

I am a Gmail fan and always recommend it over any other email service. Now quickly get notified whenever you get any mail by installing Gmail Notifier. As you will get a mail, a small popup will appear in the down left corner of the browser. If you don’t want to read the mail at that time, close the popup and number of unread mails will appear on Gmail icon near the URL bar.  You can also quickly compose email from anywhere on the browser. <link>

Useful Google Chrome Extensions:

Facebook Notifier

A small yet useful plugin which notifies you of new messages, notifications, friends request etc. Simply hover over the Facebook icon to see notifications or click it to go to <link>

Feedly Magazine

Never miss any article and tweet with Feedly. Feedly is integrated with Google reader & twitter and shows recent posts and tweets from your subscriptions in magazine style layout which is easy and fun to browse. After installing feedly, you will see a small icon in the lower left corner of your browser, when you will click on it, a menu will appear from where you can save a page for reading later, share it with your friends and it also show related sites to the site you are browsing so can also subscribe to them. <link>

Are you using these extensions? Did you found these useful? Do share more such extensions with us!

How to Manage Startup Applications in Windows

Does your computer take ages to boot? If yes than mostly the reason is boot-up apps, the apps that opens when you open your computer. You can easily disable these apps so that your computer may not take useless time in opening these apps. Here I am going you tell you how to add and remove startup apps in Windows.

Adding Custom Startup Apps

If you want to automatically open any app custom on your PC then this trick will work  for you. You will be thinking what kind of app you will like to be opened at startup as all the necessary apps like AntiVirus, Dropbox etc automatically startups at bootup. Well this depends upon your usage like I love web-browsing so I have kept Google Chrome as a startup app, if you are a music lover you might keep iTunes as a startup app or Photoshop if you are a photographer.

To add a startup app, simply open Startup folder and copy the application shortcut in the folder.

Where to find Startup folder? Location of  Startup folder depends upon your Windows. In Windows 7/Vista, open Start Menu, click on All Programs , Scroll down and you will find the startup folder.

In Windows XP, the folder is somewhere here => C: ► Documents and Settings ► (user) ► Start Menu ► Programs ► Startup.

Enabling And Disabling Startup Apps using Ccleaner

To enable or disable a startup app, download and install a small yet powerful app called CCleaner from here. This app has many useful features like removing temporary files, registry cleaner etc but we will focus on how to manage startup apps.

After installing CCleaner, open it and go to tools => Startup and choose the programs which you will like to open at startup. Simply double click the program to enable/disable it.

CCleaner Windows
CCleaner Startup Windows

Remember that disabling/enabling any app won’t delete the app from from its location and you can anytime enable/disable it again.

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How to Close Crashed Program in Windows

So are you a Windows user? Does your system hangs most of times? Well this is what happens with me. And I believe that maybe happening with most of you. Most of the times, Windows programs goes unresponsive but with a simple and quick trick you can close any crashed app within seconds.

Windows Crashed
Windows Crashed


1) When a program gets unresponsive, open task manager (press ctrl+alt+del) > applications, right click on the crashed program and select “Go To Process”.

2) After doing so, you will see something as show in the snapshot below. Just simply click on “End Process” and hit “Yes”.

3) That’s it. Didn’t I said it’s quick and simple?

What if Windows explorer (My computer, Documents, folders etc) goes unresponsive?

Well the above process applies here but with one more step. After closing the Windows explorer, the desktop will go blank with just a wallpaper on screen. So what to do? After ending process, click on “File” in the Upper left side of Task Manager and select “New Task (Run)”. A text area will appear, write “Explorer” and hit “OK”. Everything will appear again on the screen.
So now whenever any of your program crashes, close it with this trick or try upgrading to a Mac. Read Why you will love a Mac.
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