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Download Free SQL Server Video tutorials

For all those who wish to learn or enhance there skills in SQL using Microsoft SQL Server, the following 13 part video series will prove very beneficial.

It starts from scratch and takes you from What is a Database? all the way to building your own database driven application.

The first few videos focus on the theoretical aspects of a relational database, normalization, primary key, foreign key concepts.

Download SQL Server 2005 Express video tutorials

Integrate Facebook & Twitter – Sync status updates via Twitter

twitter-logo_000.jpegA lot of my friends use facebook status updates, most are either not aware of Twitter or its the complacency getting used to yet another service. Most are in the dilemma whether that constant need to tweet will take over there lives.

On the contrary, I wonder why people use facebook status updates when they can do it on twitter. After all, Tweets are much more flexible and gives you a wider reach. There’s a whole new phenomenon where Twitter is being used as a mini search engine (It actually indexes quickly than Google)

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Part 1 : Video tutorials of for beginners – download for free

Absolute Beginner’s Video Series

vbnetThis video series is designed specifically for individuals who are interested in learning the basics of creating applications using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. The series includes over 10 hours of video-based instruction that walks you through creating your first “Hello World” application to a fully functioning RSS Reader application. Learn how to write your first application today.

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30 Best Free WindowsXP software

Every couple of years or so, I format my PC’s hard drive, reinstall Windows, and start again with a clean slate.  Instead of automatically reinstalling all the programs I had running before, I start working, and reinstall applications on an as-I-need-them basis. Here are the Windows apps I run on my clean new Windows desktop now.

Primarily I use Windows XP Pro; never quite made the full-time switch to Vista. Many of the apps below are directly related to what I have do to as a tech writer, so as always, your mileage can and will vary. All items are free to download unless otherwise noted.

Web Browsing software for Windows

  • Firefox (primary web browser) with many extensions:
    • Foxmarks (bookmark synchronizer)–must-have for anyone who uses more than one computer
    • Adblock Plus (advertisement blocker)
    • Auto Copy (skip Ctrl+C)–saves keystrokes while blogging
    • Better Gmail 2 and friends–these are extensions I authored, so I dogfood ‘em
    • CoLT (link copier)–another blogging timesaver
    • Evernote Web Clipper (web clipping)
    • FireFTP (FTP client)
    • Google Gears (offline webapp access)–use this for WordPress and other webapps
    • Greasemonkey (user script manager)
    • Read It Later (web page reading shelf)
    • Ubiquity (universal browser commander)–here’s a little of what Ubiquity can do
    • Web Developer (webdev tools)

Windows Enhancements and Utilities

  • FileBox eXtender (open/save dialog customizer)–ugly as sin, but great for making your file list also show in details view, sorted descending by date (for example)
  • TeraCopy (better file copying)
  • Google Desktop (file search)
  • FoxIt (PDF reader)–lighter than Adobe
  • 7-Zip (archive manager)–handles more archive file types than Windows built-in ZIP extractor

Backup software for Windows

  • Mozy (online backup, offers limited free storage, with paid subscription options)
  • SyncBack Freeware (local backup)

Media software for Windows

Remembering Crap

Getting Things Done

  • EditPlus (text editor, $35)–fell in love with EditPlus years ago, paid for a license, and never looked back, even though there are strong free alternatives
  • Microsoft Office 2007 (office suite, not at all free)–use only when absolutely necessary


  • Digsby (instant messenger)
  • Thunderbird (email)–I use Gmail’s web interface for email, but POP my mail to Thunderbird once a month so I have an offline backup


  • Synergy (keyboard/mouse sharing software)–there’s a MacBook and a PC at my desk; Synergy lets me share a single mouse and keyboard between them
  • WinSCP (SCP and SFTP client)

Blogging Apps for Windows

  • SnagIt (screenshot-taking utility, $49)–lots more options than Alt+PrintScreen
  • Camtasia Studio (screencast-taking utility, $299)–excellent screencasting software
  • Texter (auto-text replacement utility)

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10 Best WordPress Plugins To Get More Comments

Comments serve as a two way communication tool between the visitors and the post author, they also offer a good platform for discussion. People like to comment when they feel good about the content and the User Interactivity of your blog. Here is a list of 10 WordPress Plugins from which you can get more comments on your blog.

1.Use A Visual Text Editor

The default comments field is boring, and quite limited. It is possible to write your own HTML tags in the comment, but that’s a nuisance that you won’t do often. It’s usually easier to just leave out the formatting, isn’t it?

NicEdit is just 30kb in size, and gives a full featured text editor. Check out the comments field of this post to see it in action. It’s much easier to format a comment this way.

For anyone; NicEdit.

2.Let Users Edit Their Comments

We all make mistakes. Most of us like to correct those mistakes though. Give users the ability to do so, so they aren’t annoyed at their comment (At you!), and also so that you don’t have users making double and triple comments to fix those mistakes.

The Edit option is a necessity for code blogs in particular. Anyone who has ever written snippets of code into WordPress knows how many mistakes you (or it!) makes.

For WordPress users; AJAX Edit Comments.

3.Subscribe To Comments

It’s hard to keep track of all the comments you leave around the blogosphere. Subscribing to comments lets you keep track of the most important ones. At the very least, this is a good way of bringing people back to your blog.

For WordPress users; Subscribe to Comments.

4.Publish The Commenter’s Latest Headline

Being honest, we’ve all left comments hoping that someone will notice it and click back to our blogs. Why not encourage this with your readers?

CommentLuv tries to find the commenter’s RSS feed, and from that it will post their latest headline underneath their comment. Readers will see that their blog gets more exposure on your site, and they may take note of that.

For WordPress users; Comment Luv.

5.Threaded Replies

When you get a large number of comments, it can be hard to keep individual conversations straight. Threaded comments let you leave replies directly underneath others, so conversations are much easier to have. A good conversation is one of the best ways to win a person over to your blog.

For WordPress users; Brian’s Threaded Comments.

6.Post Comments Via AJAX

When a user posts a comment, they’re more-or-less finished with that particular page. AJAX allows the comment to be posted without reloading. It saves the reader time, letting them head off to other pages on your blog before they get bored.

For WordPress users; Moojax Comment Posting.

7.List Recent Comments

A sidebar widget listing the latest comments on your blog can be a good way of showing that your blog is alive, but also that you take the time to interact with your readers (Try to get your own name there as often as possible!). A reader will always respond well to seeing a blogger take an interest in their readers.

For WordPress users; FreePress Recent Comments.

8.Offer Customised Clickable Smilies

I think smilies are under appreciated in the blogging world. They’re a fun way of showing your mood while you write, and they let you make a joke and show that what you said is actually a joke.

Or perhaps I just overuse them?

For WordPress users; WP-Grins.

10.Add User Avatars

Amidst a long list of comments, a single comment can get lost quite easily. Avatars add distinction between individual comments, and it will make you smile when you start seeing faces you recognise. You might even consider having the image link back to their blog as well (Remember how the readers love that little touch of publicity?).

For WordPress users; MBLA.

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The 8-bit Tie : Mario wore to his high school graduation

The guys at ThinkGeek have come up wih 8-bit Tie. Geeks will rejoice, for the era of 8-bit computing is not forgotten.

Features :

How to Search MP3 Files Using Search Engines

Searching MP3 files using search engine is no longer a hard thing to do especially when people have found various ways to search for the MP3 files. Why we choose the audio format is also another long topic to speak about, but the main reason is the mass availability of that type of file in the internet nowadays. Now, here are the simple guide on how to search for those music that you like, both in WMA and MP3 format:

First method:

Using altered Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search search string to find the files. This method will use the search engines to search for unprotected directory of the audio files.

How to Search Mp3 files:

Click on the link below. Change the detail according to your liking (replace Band Singer with the actual artist name or just the song name). You can change the “wma/mp3″ tag to other format such as “ogg” only if you wish. For the search engines, it works similarly. You just need to change the band/singer or song again.


“parent directory” mp3 OR wma OR ogg OR wav Band/Singer -html -htm -download -links

Yahoo Search:

parent directory” AND (Band AND Singer) AND (mp3 OR wma OR ogg) AND NOT(”download”) AND NOT(”links”)

MSN Search:

parent directory” AND (Band AND Singer) AND (mp3 OR wma OR ogg) AND NOT(”download”) AND NOT(”links”)

Second Method:

You can use multimedia search engines to find the audio files that you need. Several multimedia search engines that I highly recommend are: Alltheweb Audio (mp3), mp3realm and espew. The only cons is, it indexes pages less than Google.

Nah, I manage to find a full album with these methods above. How about you?