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SMSHelper Count iPhone SMS character Cydia Application

iPhone lacks one important feature in it’s sms and that is counting the character of the SMS. Usually most of telecom provider count 160 character of SMS as 1 unit and there for sms character counter is must have application for any phone.

Though by default iPhone doesn’t have SMS character counter. Though this feature can be enabled by downloading a small piece of application from Cydia.

The application name is SMShelper. Search this application in Cydia and install this application :

cydia_smshelper sms_helper

Do let us know more useful application in Cydia, which will enhance iPhone features.

Send Free iPhone to iPhone SMS Using Ping Application

There are many tools which talk about sending free sms from mobile and many of them actually work, but iPhone is different than normal symbian phone and this is good news for iPhone users that they can now send free sms using an iphone application call Ping.

Though Ping will allow you to send free SMS from only iPhone to iPhone and only people who are using this application. Earlier Ping used to be a free application but now it’s costing 99cents and can be downloaded from iphone application store.

ping-screen Source

This application support iPhone and ipod touch and perfect to stay on touch with your friends via text. It uses push technology and you will get feel of real text (SMS) messaging using this application.

<Download application>

Remove USB write protection error

The other day, my Kingston 2GB USB Pen Drive started showing up this weird error every time a Write operation was performed. I couldn’t rename, delete or write any file or folder. Even format operation was not being performed saying the disk is write protected. Just as I was about to give up thinking the Pen Drive had died I found out a solution.

You need to Low – Level Format your USB pen drive. Windows or even GParted in Linux does not perform a Low-Level format. They just do a normal one. Here I give below 2 such free utilities which will help you to format your USB drive and get it to work.

Run any of these and after format is complete. Reformat using the windows utility. It’ll start to work again. Be sure to recover all files before running a low level format as no recovery is possible after that.

Download : Apacer USB Repair Utility

Download : HDD Low Level Format Tool