Applications To Play PS2 Games Using PATA and USB HDD

These are the free applications for PlayStation2 and enable a PS2 user to load a game via a PATA or USB HDD.

HD Loader

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HD Loader is a popular PS2 application with which PS2 users can play games using a PATA HDD. When Sony stopped making PS2 machines without Hard Disk it disappointed PS2 lovers. So PS2 independent developers came in contact and developed an open source PS2 software with which PS2 games can be played without original PS2 HDD. However it does not support all PS2 games.

HDLoader 3.8C Released

Now HDLoader comes with its super powerful version 3.8C which supports many advanced features such as support for 1000GB HDD (previous versions support upto 137GB), faster reading speed from CD/DVD. It supports almost 95% PS2 games.

HDLoader Website

Open PS2 Loader


Open PS2 loader is a PS2 application which is used for playing PS2 games via USB HDD and via internal HDD. This PS2 software is currently in beta and is being improved by a community of developers. Its compatibility is almost equal to HD Loader. You can play PS2 games using USB and internal HDD as well as via your PC HDD over LAN ( Local Network). You can launch PS2 apps like Ulaunch,SMS etc through the latest version of this software.

Link for Open PS2 Loader

Note: This is only a general introduction to this type of PS2 applications and we  neither recommend these type of applications nor promoting.