Apple Says Future of Optical Drives No More

It may look a bit to say ‘anachronistic’  for this moment as there are news that apple seems the future of Optical Drives dingy. Apple plans to launch its Mac OS X Lion in summer of this year. In this new version of Apple Mac OS Apple says to be introducing a new striking feature (though i do not think this a new thing) called Recovery Partition as part of the OS installation. This recovery partition has been named as Recovery HD. This Recovery Hard Disc will remarkably disparage the use of optical drives and displace them. At least Apple hopes so.

Apple optical drive termination step

With Recovery Hard disk option,Now every time when you would want to restore your system, you will not mandatorily need a disc or USB drive. After starting your Mac system  You will just follow some instructions and will be provided with options of  boot partitions. Then you would select  the Recovery HD as a drive to boot your system. It will bring you to the Mac OS X Lion recovery partition.your system will start to boot. Apple users (or Apple Chauvinist as we may coin the term) are considering it a big leap forward in the direction of strangulation of Optical Drives. By getting rid of Optical Drives Apple will incorporate multiple lithium polymer battery cells in the freed space.That will result in a longer battery life.

Though Apple has already has its Optical Drive free launches like as MacBook Air but as optical drives are still much needed, Apple has not completely terminated optical disc drive into recently  introduced MacBook Pros  and we are not heading for Apple Store for everything  all and sundry. But in the morrow days when new movies , songs,software or everything else still  present  in market in optical drives will be available on Apple Store and system will be able to be restored by Recovery Hard Disc wish of Apple panjandrums may come true.