Apple Releases iOS 4.3 Golden Master Version for Developers

If you’re an Apple Developer, you know what you should be doing right now! Apple announced on March 2nd at the Apple event that they’ll be releasing the official iOS 4.3 to the public on March 11. But to please the developer community they had to something more than that, so they have released the Golden Master version of the iOS 4.3 to its dear developers.

iOS 4.3 is going to be a major update since the release of the previous iOS 4.2.1 and it will fix many issues and bring some really exciting and new features to the iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th gen, iPad, iPad 2, Apple TV and soon the Verizon iPhone 4. So developers get your hands on the latest Golden Master SDK and start working your magic to see what’s new. Here’s a list of some of the new and noticeable features of iOS 4.3:

  • Personal Hotspot feature (Wi-Fi Tethering with up to 5 simultaneous devices (Wi-Fi Tethering iPhone 3G & Above Only)) on supported carriers.
  • Ability to set amount of times a text tone repeats (up to 10 times)
  • In Field Test Mode refresh button has been removed & Updated information has been displayed in bottom of the screen (it updates every 4-6 seconds)
  • Slideshow options moved to Photos app
  • New look for taking a picture for a Contact
  • When receiving a text message, the iPhone now vibrates 2 times
  • AirPlay video support for third party apps
  • HTTP Live Streaming Statistics
  • New font in Notes app (“Noteworthy”)
  • A slightly “redesigned” keyboard with a different graphic under each key in the App Store
  • New UI in the App Store
  • Redesigned “account” section under the Store menu
  • Location services has been shifted from General to Settings Menu
  • New Parental Controls for use with Ping
  • Location services & Mail accounts ON/OFF button changed to a lock symbol
  • New menu for scrubbing in videos
  • Fine Scrubbing: Adjust by seconds/ frames
  • Quarter Scrubbing: Second
  • Half Speed Scrubbing: Adjust by minute(s)
  • Hi-Speed Scrubbing: Run fast through minutes
  • Ability to cancel and delete an app which is currently downloading. Before iOS 4.3 it was only possible to delete an app which has already downloaded.
  • Stream from an iTunes library to iOS using Home Sharing.

You can directly download the .IPSW files for iPhone 4 over here and for the iPhone 3GS over here. For other platforms please Sign In to your Apple Developer account and then you’ll be able to download the SDK.

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