Apple Planning to Launch Gesture-based Lock Screen for iOS Devices just like Android Phones

iPhone users have always been boasting about the innovative lock screen that is incorporated in these phones. I am always fascinated by this lock screen feature of iPhone but recently I saw an Android powered phone of a friend and was fascinate by its lock screen feature because it was having virtual dots, like a combination on a safe that you have to complete in order to unlock your phone.

So Apple got the idea and according to some inside resources the Cupertino-based tech giant has been working on a totally new gesture-based lock  screen for all of their iOS devices. With this gesture-based lock screen available on iDevices, users will need to setup a dedicated pattern and while unlocking they have to input that same particular pattern. It means that users will get free from the hassle of setting up a password or a 4-digit code to lock their iOS devices effectively.


Apple has already dished out this new lock screen for their employees “Apple Connect” application. Till now it is not clear that whether Apple will make this new feature available for normal iOS device users or not.

Moreover, according to some sources Apple is also planning to bring this gesture-based locks to their latest mobile payment systems on the various EasyPay Machines. One more concern is that this Android like lock screen patents are with Google so this feature might not make its way for common iOS devices users. Do let us know in comments that whether you will like this gesture-based lock screen for your iOS devices or not.