Apple iPhone and iPod Touch Forever Confused over Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Ever since the United States and Canada have made an early shift to daylight saving time (DST) it has caused DST-related malfunctions across several iPhone and iPod users across the globe.

There is no known solution to this problem. While some users have reported that simply restarting the phone seemed to solve the problem, no has found an exact fix to this issue. While initially the problem was perceived to be with the 4G devices it seems that even 3G and earlier Gen users were also affected. This problem is not specific to any version of the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch nor are they specific to any network carriers. We have understood reading through the Apple forums that the Clock application on the devices has been displaying very erratic behaviour.

Users have reported that their phones kept adjusting their time back and forth automatically and then later self-corrected back to the correct time. Behavior such as this from the Apple devices has caused several users to be late for work and others to wake up a few hours before their alarms were actually scheduled to go off.

A user from the state of Arizona, the only state in the US which does not observe DST claimed “When I got up on Sunday morning, my 3GS showed an hour later” Later his wife informed him that the phone was showing the correct time. The phone had managed to self-correct within a couple of hours after it started showing the wrong time. It’s amusing to find this happening in areas where there is no need for any DST corrections.

Has anyone here faced this problem? If you have observed this happening with your Apple devices please write to us and tell us what exactly happened and how you went about finding a solution to this weird issue.