How to Enable Multi-Touch gesture in iPad 2

Apple has been working on their multi-touch feature since a long time, and was also expected on their newly launched iPad 2. Though Apple is planning to enable the muti-touch gesture in their future devices, there seems to be a hidden feature in the iPad and iPad 2 which can be enabled just in a few minutes and spending $5. According to our sources, users can purchase Apple’s iOS developer software Xcode 4, which is available for $5 from the App Store and enable the nifty feature with a single click. Once enabled, users will be able to use a four-finger swipe from side to side in order to switch  and open apps, swipe up with four fingers to open the app switcher, and use a five-finger pinch to return to the home screen.

How to Enable Multi-Touch Gesture in iPad 2?

  • Purchase the app Xcode 4 from Mac App Store
  • Launch Xcode 4 and connect your iPad or iPad 2 to your PC
  • Click the “use for development” button
  • Ignore Xcode’s request for developer credentials and disregard the ensuing error
  • Once developer mode is activated, you can enable gestures by going to Settings > General on your iPad or iPad 2

Source: Gizmodo

If you have purchased iPad 2, I would love to know your initial reaction and experience with iPad2. Do you think it’s worth to sell iPad first generation and buy iPad2?

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  1. The screen in the iPad 2 is phenomenal. But I think the real reason I switched from the 1st gen iPad is the smart cover. Damn that thing is sweet….

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