Apple iPad 2 Possible Display Leak

Earlier today, 9to5 Mac reported that they were able to catch hold of a new iPad display, which they claim to be the one for the iPad 2. Right now this is not confirmed, but according to the leak, the display has a new part number. The old iPad display’s part number is LP097X02-SLA3 and the new one that could be the one used in iPad 2 has LP097X02-SLN1 as it’s part number. 9to5Mac sourced this display from iFixYouri Repair shop from China.

There are no details about the resolution and it is not confirmed whether this new display for the iPad 2 is a Retina Display. Although it has been confirmed that the new display is of better build quality, it’s lighter than the older iPads display, is more than 1mm thinner and also has a thinner bezel. The surrounding frame, as you can see in the above picture is also smaller than the older one and looks better.

Also, a certain commenter on 9to5 Mac has stated that he was able to decipher the resolution of the display from the part number and states that it’s of the same resolution( 1024 x 768) as the old iPad display, but this being a H-IPS LCD. His exact comment was;

I checked it:
(LP)097×02 SLN1= LG Phillips
LP(097)x02 SLN1= 9.7 inch display
LP097x(02) SLN1= used on displays with xga,sxga,wsxga
LP097x02 (SL)N1= H-IPS
LP097x02 SL (N1)= Not sure

So Lg Phillips 9.7in XGA 1024×768 H-IPS display

9to5 Mac hasn’t confirmed about that comment yet, so we cannot be all that sure that it’s of the same resolution as the older one. I mean a Retina Display would be great, but it would also be better if the new displays resolution is higher than the old ones. We’ll have to wait and find out if this indeed is the new display for the iPad 2, which is supposed to start production sometime in February.

[ Via 9to5Mac ]