Apple Includes “Air Drop” Features in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Enabling File transfer on a WiFi Network

The blogosphere these days are brimming with Apple mania, with the speculations of iPad 2 and the latest release of new line of Macbooks Apple is surely gearing up for a big year as far as its products are concerned. Amongst all these news and speculations, Apple has recently announced that their latest Operating system, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will boast a brand new feature called as ‘Air Drop’. Although from the functionality point of view, AirDrop sounds very much simple but it will eventually prove to be useful for those users who are either using multiple computers or those who frequently share files with other users. One compulsion in usage of AirDrop is that all users have to have same WiFi network. As per Apple’s description of AirDrop the interface will also be very cool. Here is an excerpt from Apple’s description of AirDrop: Apple-AirDrop-feature

How to use AirDrop?

Well in order to use AirDrop you have to be nearby a WiFi hotspot plus your PC or a Mac must be having the latest WiFi hardware. To initiate it, you have to open the AirDrop panel on all the devices amongst which you want to make it work, then wait for Macs to pop-up on AirDrop panel search screen. Once done then all you need to do is drag the files that you want to transfer via AirDrop and click confirm. Apple is also planning to release fixes for AirDrop in upcoming builds and versions.

source:9to5mac intelligence