Apple Cares about Your Security and Privacy in Find My iPhone

This post is a response to Wired’s article titled “Apple’s ‘Find my iPhone’ App Almost Impossible to Use” Apart from the fact that Wired needs a better editor, I’d like to impress upon how this is a security feature introduced by Apple and not a hindrance.

Charlie Sorrel complains in his post linked above that the Find my iPhone App for iOS devices has an implementation flaw and thusly recommends users to avoid the app. I’m not trying to run down anyone here. But here’s my opinion on the subject.


If you have used MobileMe before you will already know this. Find my iPhone has been one of the most important features(only important feature for me ever since Push came to gmail) of the premium MobileMe service. However, before apple introduced this App we always needed a browser on a Mac or Windows computer to locate a lost device. Ever since Apple introduced the Find my iPhone iOS app, I can use my iPod Touch or a friend’s iPhone to locate my lost iPhone in addition to the existing laptop/dekstop solution.

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Note that there is by design, a security measure in the App which automatically signs you out of the App after 15 minutes unless you sign out yourself, sooner than that.

One’s location is a primary component of his privacy and security. My family knowing my whereabouts is one thing but the same won’t apply to everyone else. I can use my MobileMe account safely on anyone’s iOS device and forget about signing out.

If Charlie argued about getting a manual over ride in this app that would have made some sense after all. In my opinion, it is indeed possible to create a strong password that we can remember while at the same time making it hard to guess for strangers. We don’t need a software to do that always.

The Find my iPhone password is something that you would want to remember always be it a weak or strong password. Otherwise, this will void the whole purpose of having such a service in the first place.

Moreover, it is not a browser or an iPod app that you would want to launch every half an hour.