Apple Airs the First iPhone 4S TV Ad

One of the most important and highlighted features of the new iPhone 4S is Siri, in a word, it’s breathtaking. It’s one of a kind and has an attitude. Now, there are many alternatives and apps for Android and other devices, but none of them gets even close to what Siri can do. Although this is an iPhone 4S only feature, developers are working really hard to get Siri working on iPhone 4 and iOS 5.

As Siri is the key feature here, Apple’s new television ad for iPhone 4S, the first TV ad for that matter, is solely based on Siri alone. There is no mention of anything else, nothing about the camera or the new processor. The ad is then to the point and will obviously attract many users, well, Apple iPhone ads always do, don’t they?

The ad kicks off with the Siri interface and with users asking Siri various questions such as “What does a weasel look like?” and ” Do I need an Umbrella in New York this weekend”. It is quite a fast paced ad with a voice saying ‘Say hello to the most amazing iPhone, yet’ at the end of the ad. Watch the ad after the break, it has some good music too;

So what do you think? Is this the most amazing iPhone yet? Have you been successful in talking to Siri?