Apple Airs 3 New iPhone 4S TV Ads

Apple’s television ads are always directed in a beautiful way, sometimes very inspiring too and out of the box. There’s no other company that makes their ad so short, while showing the most important features of the device. After Apple launched the iPhone 4S, they’ve just aired one ad so far, and despite that, the phone was very very successful.

Now, Apple has released 3 new ads for the iPhone 4S, each for iCloud, Siri and the new 8 megapixel camera.

The iCloud ad shows off the cloud syncing features of Apple, that enables users to purchase a song, edit a photo, write a note and more on one iOS device and have it available on all other iOS devices. Photo Stream and iWorks is also shown in the short video. Pretty useful, and the ad also has that nice soothing background music, well, all of them do.

The second 30 second ad is about Siri, which is one of the most awesome features of the iPhone 4S and one also one of it’s strongest selling points. Again, like before, the video involves people asking for weather conditions, directions etc in natural speech.

The third video is about the all new 8 megapixel camera with upgraded optics and 1080p HD video recording. It shows off the new camera, editing options in iOS 5, how easy it is to share a photo via Twitter and why this pretty much could be all the camera that you’d need to carry around. And the ad ends with the same ” the most amazing iPhone, yet ” line said by the same voice.

Apple sure knows how to make amazing ads, maybe others should learn something from them about making product advertisements.

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