Angry Farms: Fling Farm Animals on Your BlackBerry

Angry Birds was and still is a huge success, but to be honest I’m kind of tired and bored with flinging birds at pigs, even though it’s really addicting and hilarious. Although, Angry Birds is available for almost all software platforms now, BlackBerry users still haven’t got a taste of this game on their business phones. Of course it is quite understand that a Business person wouldn’t really enjoy flinging things at smiling frogs, but come one.. it’ll surely help you take the edge off all that work as a business man.

Rovio hasn’t yet developed any version of Angry Birds that would run on the BlackBerry’s OS, and thus another developer took things in to their own hands…or slingshot. A company called Smarter Apps has stolen the idea from Angry Birds and brought out a new game called as Angry Farm. BlackBerry users can now rejoice and make the other Angry Birds counterparts jealous. What’s different in Angry Farm? The name should explain it, but to elaborate, the story begins when the Farmers leave the farm only to attract foxes. The farm animals have to stop the invasion by destroying the foxes that are placed on/inside farm structures and drive them away. The animals that you can fling include chinckens, pigs, goats and cows. What fun!!

You can download this game for your BlackBerry device from the App World for $4.99. Requires BlackBerry OS version 4.6 and above.