Androids Popular Dolphin Browser Now Hits the Apple App store

We have covered extensively about iOS Browser apps in the past on CAG, specially the release of Skyfire browser for iOS was really a celebration thing because it allows users to play flash contents on their iDevice. But now another browsing sensation that is highly popular on Android platform has hit the Apple App store. Dolphin is the name of this third-party browser and according to many in the app industry it is by far the greatest browser that is there on Android marketplace.

Though you will find loads of browsers on Apple App store that do offer some really cool features but I think none of them is that good to force us to leave our normal browser. But I can bet that once you will get your hands on Dolphin Browser for iOS and start using it you will definitely make a switch.

Dolphin for iOS Features

Dolphin UI

The feature set of the browser is quite impressive, first of all there is the gesture feature which allows users to enter a combination that will eventually open a website.

Dolphin Gesture

Means that you don’t have to enter long URLs frequently, just draw a symbol and a website will open.

Dolphin Speed

Then comes the sidebars, you can quickly swipe either to the left or right to open a corresponding sidebar. Webzine feature of Dolphin browser allow users to remove clutter from their favorite websites, giving them a cleaner interface. You can also flip between the mobile version and the desktop version of websites with just a click. The app is at present only designed for iPhone meaning that on iPad you will have to see an upscale version. You can check out their official website for a detailed list of features.

Dolphin is available as a free download from Apple App store, Do check it out and throw in your comments that whether you liked it or not.