Android Tip: How To Increase the Read & Write Speed of Android SD Card

Normally if you want to increase the Read & Write speed of your Android’s SD card then you had to plunge into archives of system files or flash a particular system fix. But recently developers have fixed this problem with a release of a free app on Android’s marketplace.

The application is a new addition to marketplace and unlike the previous app, SD card speed booster, this new Android app SD Increase is free and is designed solely for one purpose that is to increase the write and read speed of the SD card.SD-increase-app-main-page

The app requires root access alongwith some other pre-sets from users in-order to change the SD card cache size, moreover the app can be tuned to repeat the process of increasing the SD card speed on every reboot.

How does SD Increase App Functions?

First of all, to use this app user must have root access on Android device and this app doesn’t guarantee that it will work universally for all the SD cards and devices. Preferably SD cards having higher speeds experience a greater effect when the cache size is increased using this app.

Coming over to the main thing, that is how does this app works? SD Increase app basically modifies the SD card cache size that is specified within a system file read_ahead_kb. Why it needs root access is because the above mentioned system file is located in the root directory. Moreover, when users check the option Set every Boot the whole process repeats every time they reboot the device. If you uncheck the option Set every boot, each time the device reboots the cache reverts to its default size (128 kb).


There is a slider as well that allow users to set the cache size from the original value of 128 kb to a maximum amount of 4096 kb. To confirm the changes that are applied to SD card Read & write speed, users may navigate to the root directory /sys/devices/virtual/bdi/179:0 using the root explorer. Long-click on the file read_ahead_kb and select the view option from the context menu to view cache size that SD card is using at the present.

SD Increase can be downloaded from Android marketplace for free, do try it and let us know in comments that whether this app worked on your Android’s SD card or not.