Android Honeycomb 3.0 Gets Ported to Nexus One, Still in Alpha Stage

It comes as a no-surprise, at least to me and all those people who’ve watched the Nook Color running Android Honeycomb. Recently the complete and final version of the Android SDK was released but unfortunately the developer who managed to run Android 3.0 on his Nexus One used the Preview SDK. Didn’t Google say that the Android Honeycomb is a tablet only OS, looks like it’s not.

Well, the port isn’t a complete success as most of the important things that need to be running on a phone don’t seem to function with the Honeycomb on board. Of course the developer used the Preview SDK and thus you really can’t expect most of the things to work at this stage. Wi-fi, Data connectivity, accelerometer, sound, camera, bluetooth and many other things don’t work. The 3D performance is very buggy and slow, but hey it still works on a Nexus One. That’s something really interesting!!

This marvelous port came from the famous XDA-Developers as usual and the developer will probably try and develop it better now that the full SDK is available for download. Although I don’t think it’s very practical to run Honeycomb on such a small screen and with the tablet optimized UI, but hey..weirder things have been happening. Watch the video of the Nexus One running Honeycomb after the break.

If you happen to own a Nexus One and want to try out the Android Honeycomb 3.0, you can visit this Forum at XDA-Developers, and download the port. If you get it running on your Nexus One, do tell us about it!!