Android 3.0 Honeycomb Gets Ported to Nook Color

Nook Color is Barnes & Nobles best selling product and obviously a good contender to the Amazon Kindle and also the Apple iPad when it comes to eReader functionality. The Nook Color after all, has a color display, which the Kindle doesn’t and it runs on Google’s Android OS. Recently, Google previewed a video on the latest upcoming tablet specific Android, the Honeycomb 3.0 and also released an SDK for developers to try it out and find out what’s new. Of course it’s just an emulator and not the original release, but there are some real geeks out there who want to test it out on anything possible.

So the guys at XDA-Developers got hold of the Honeycomb SDK and ported it to the decently priced Nook Color. It’s always the guys at xda-developers that think of doing something like this that could help people enjoy a really good operating system. Although, the port is not all that fast and is quite buggy, but hey, it’s not an official OS too, just a developer version. They aren’t going to give up though, the developer states :

It does indeed run very slow so far. Touchscreen is working now. I’ll try to get the graphics acceleration running over the weekend that should help with performance.

If the developer succeeds in getting Android Honeycomb to run smoothly with all it’s amazing features then new tablets such as the Motorola Xoom, which hasn’t been released yet, may have some competition from this cheap yet powerful tablet/e-reader. If you have a Nook Color and want to experiment on running Android 3.0 SDK on it then follow this link here. Below is the video for all those who want to see how the Nook Color runs on Android 3.0 Preview SDK;

Xda-developers is a really good forum and it has helped me run Android 2.2.1 on my battered old Xperia X1. Runs great and smooth. Do let us know if you’ve had any help from the amazing developers at XDA on your device.