Android 2.3.5 on HP TouchPad with Working Multi-Touch

The developers working on making Android run on the Hp TouchPad are awesome. They’ve broken another barrier in the TouchDroid project whose main goal is to port Android to the abandoned tablet. I’m sure you all must have heard of this project by now and many of may even be waiting for a proper Android build.

Until now, team TouchDroid was only successful in making Android run on the TouchPad, but weren’t able to use it since there were no drivers for the display. No touch drives for the display meant no touch, and that is like removing the steering wheel of a Formula 1 car. But now, there’s been a development of epic proportions that will mean a fully working Android port. And that would result in one the fastest Android tablet around, since the TouchPad has awesome hardware.

TouchDroid team has been successful in making the touchscreen on the HP TouchPad work with the latest Android 2.3.5 build. And that is huge, as recently there were only able to make it boot Android and dual-boot it with webOS and Android. With the touchscreen not working, all that looked pretty useless. However, now that it is working, TouchPad owners can really rejoice and have a beer. You can watch the video after the break and believe it for yourself. The touchscreen works beautifully and even has multi-touch support to up to 10 fingers. That’s going to be pretty useful on that big 9 inch display.

We are not sure if everything is working on the TouchPad, since Android ports usually come with a hoard of bugs and not working hardware. Sometimes it’s the Bluetooth, the camera or even the Wifi. We’ll have to wait for a complete log from the team to find out what are the things that are working.

For now, you’ll have to hold tight to your HP TouchPad and wait for the team to release the build to the public so everyone can enjoy some Gingerbread.

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