Amazon’s Price Check App Helps You to Shop Better

It’s time for shopping season so how online shopping giant can be behind. Amazon is up with its new application which will allow you to check and compare the price of any product in online stores so that you can get the product at cheapest price.

price check app

The name of the application is “Price Check”. Price Check allows you to compare the price of any product from stores with less price from online stores including Amazon. There are various features with which you can easily compare any product. Such as:

  • Snap it: This feature allows you to click the picture of product and try to match Amazon database to provide you compared prices. Works best with books, CD, DVD etc.
  • Say it: With this you can speak up the name of the product name into your iPhone mic and Amazon will try to find out but better not to use this option because due of speech recognization problems, you might not get relevant answers.
  • Scan it: This is the best one, you can click the barcode of the product and then allow Amazon to search to get accurate results because barcode of all the products are unique so it provides relevant results.
  • Type it: You can type the name of the product to get the comparison of prices from different stores.

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Apart from comparing prices, you can also save the recent check list and share it with your friends via social networking websites and e-mails. This application is handy and useful if you believe in getting products in cheaper price. So, next time whenever you are heading up any store, don’t forget to use “Price Check”, to get best deals.

Price Check is a free app and requires an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 3.1 later. You can download it from iTunes Store.