Amazon Android Appstore Goes Live, Angry Birds Rio Free App of The Day

The Amazon Appstore for Android has gone live, but it seems to be not working in India and few other parts of the world at the moment. Amazon launched it’s much awaited Android only Appstore moments ago and with that it also brings you Angry Birds Rio. As we already told you earlier, the Amazon Appstore will be different than the Android Market and will have it’s own unique pricing and app submission rules.

The Amazon store is accessible both via your Android device and through the web store at Angry Birds Rio, the new installment in the Angry Birds franchise was also supposed to be available for your Android phones through the appstore, and indeed it is. In fact, Amazon is offering the Angry Birds Rio app for Free for the day, so go grab your copy now. From tomorrow the App will cost you $0.99 and something else will be made free for the day. Now that is wonderful, a free app a day is bound to make you visit Amazon’s Appstore at least once a day.

The store has been launched with about 3800 applications that you can browse through and download onto your Android device. It hasn’t gone live everywhere yet, so don’t be surprised if you can’t access it now, but it’ll soon be available in a few hours or so. Right now it’s only available in the United States and users also get to test-drive an app on your browser using flash before purchasing it. Also the recommendation feature used on other products throughout Amazon will also be available on the Android Appstore.

So go on and check out your favorite apps for your Android device on the Amazon Appstore.

[ Via Engadget ]