AllMyApps Download and Install Multiple Software’s

Allmyapps is one of those software for geeks who reinstall their OS after every couple of days. Reasons, could be many but installing multiple software one by one is a headache. Allmyapps download and install multiple software’s on your windows OS without any interruption.
I always dread reinstalling Windows on my machine. I dread it because after the OS installs, I have to spend a lot of time individually downloading and installing my favorite software back to my computer. I wish there was a tool that would automatically download and install my applications for me.

With “AllMyApps” it seems that my wish has finally been granted.

AllMyApps Download

AllMyApps is an installable program for Windows that helps out when you have to download and install multiple programs. You start by signing up for the “AllMyApps” service online and then downloading the program’s 6MB setup file. When you run the program, you start by logging in to your created “AllMyApps” account.


How to use AllMyApps?

When signed in, you can search for numerous programs right there from AllMyApps. All you have to do is type in a program’s name and “AllMyApps” finds it. Your program shows up as a small thumbnail image with the “Install” button next to it.


You can either find your applications using the above mentioned keywords search method or by browsing the categories that are displayed on the left pane.


Click on the “Install” button for the programs you want installed. This action will get “AllMyApps” to automatically download and install your selected programs with their default settings and without any user-prompts.


To keep a track of your favorite programs you can store a list of them in your “AllMyApps” accounts. The next time you want the programs installed you can do so simply through the list instead of searching for the programs individually.

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AllMyApps has saved me countless minutes while reinstalling my programs. I am sure it will be as helpful to you as it was to me.

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