Airtel Launches USSD Based Facebook Service in India

You must be familiar with Facebook’s notification service on your mobile device that will not cost you anything. Recently Airtel India, launched another new service to help feed your Facebook addiction through your mobile device. Usually people don’t update Facebook statuses, comment or send messages because it charges them, but now Airtel has come out with a plan that will let you do it all for just Rs.1.


Airtel has launched the Worlds first USSD based Facebook service that lets users in India to update their Facebook status messages and much more without using GPRS or 3G. You can update your status for free, but if you want to check your notifications, like/comment on photos, statuses, read messages, reply and others then it’ll charge you Rs.1 for an entire day. That’s 30 INR a month for unlimited access of Facebook from any mobile device using Airtel connection.

We just received the official Press Release Statement from Airtel earlier today saying,

Do you miss keeping in touch with family and friends on Facebook, simply because you don’t access internet on your mobile phone? Your favourite social network is all set to be just the press of a button away.  India’s leading telecommunications company, Bharti Airtel announced that starting today, its 150 million plus customers in India can now simply dial *325# (and “*fbk#” for non-qwerty mobile handsets) to access Facebook – without subscribing to data plans. To deliver this, Airtel has launched the world’s first USSD-based service innovation that will allow its mobile customers to update their Facebook status messages, view / comment on / ‘Like’ news feed, post on friends’ walls, find / add friends, confirm friend requests, view notifications and much more without using the internet or activating GPRS capabilities.

How to update Facebook Status on Airtel Network for Free

Using this new USSD(Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) based service to update your Facebook Status on Airtel Network is really very simple and quick. To get it working follow these steps:

  • Dial *325# from your mobile device.
  • Once done you’ll get the notification asking you to enter the Facebook Username and Password.

Facebook USSD Service Airtel

  • You should keep in mind that when you enter your username, for example [email protected], it should be entered in the following way. name at !! This is important.
  • After entering your password it’ll show a Menu with some Facebook features listed on it.

Facebook USSD Service Menu

  • From the menu Reply with the desired number,for example 2 for Update Status and so on. You should remember that only updating Status is free using this service. Everything else will cost you Rs. 1 for a day. That is not so bad after all, but if you’re a regular GPRS user then this may not be suitable for you.

Facebook USSD Status Update

  • Then all you need to do is reply with your Status update and it will be posted on your Facebook profile.

Facebook Status Update

That’s it, your status will be posted on your Facebook wall. Overall I liked the idea of free service to access Facebook. Though if you wish to use the paid version of this service, I would suggest opt for Airtel Unlimited GPRS plan which will cost you 98INR and you can access Facebook along with all other sites.

Now enjoy Facebook on Airtel using any mobile device, from anywhere without the need to activate GPRS.

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  1. Nice Article, Is help to those have not Internet and they Can’t want SMS Notifications. Thats great for India also to See those kind of Improvements we can Imagen the future of India in Technology.

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