AirPrint for Dummies: How to Use AirPrint on iPhone

This guide will show you how to use AirPrint on iPhone or any other iOS device. AirPrint was introduced by Apple in iOS 4.2 to allow wireless printing from iOS devices using compatible printers. You can print photos, documents, emails, attachments among other things right from your iPhone.

The best part about AirPrint is that you don’t have to worry about any drivers or cables. There are absolutely no settings or toggles on the phone. You can just print a document whenever you want.

AirPrint vs. Printing from PC:


You might wonder how it is going to be useful to the users and what are the advantages of AirPrint . Well, we will definitely stick to our computers for printing our regular documents. But in some situations when you have a ticket to print or any other photo on your iPhone you don’t have to waste any time transferring them to your computer using a cable or by emailing.

Which Printers work with AirPrint?

Since this is a new technology older printers obviously won’t work out of the box. The newer generation of printers from HP and a few other manufacturers have AirPrint compatibility out of the box.


For a full list of AirPrint compatible printers read AirPrint enabled printers. LINK

In case you don’t want to upgrade your existing printer you can take a look at our Guide to Use AirPrint with Any Printer. This will require wireless sharing using a Mac or Windows computer

How to Use AirPrint on iPhone?

Now proceeding with the tutorial to use AirPrint on iPad or iPhone. Make sure you have iOS 4.2 or later installed on your iOS device before you proceed to the next step. If you are unsure of the firmware version on your iOS device click here to find out your firmware version.

Click on the share button in iPhone’s Safari or Mail app to bring up the menu where you can select Print.


Now select Print and then tap on Select Printer.


Select your Printer from the list of printer that appears.


Select number of copies to Print and tap on Print. iOS will now send the document wirelessly to the printer.



You can click on Done to carry on printing in the background while you do your work.

How to View Print Status or Cancel Printing?

While the iPhone is printing the document, if you want to see the status just double tap the Home Button to bring up multitasking bar. You will see an icon for Print Center. This app appears only while printing.


Tap on Print Center to view details about print operation or cancel printing.


That’s it. Wasn’t it simple enough! It’s the intuitiveness and simplicity which we like best about iOS devices.

Feel free to ask any AirPrint or iPhone related questions via comments or CAG Help forum.

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