Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5: Now Run Flash On Your iOS device

The relationship between Apple and Adobe has never been well, as it caused certain issues with performance in iOS. They’ve never included the ability to play flash on an iOS device, but it can still be played with the help of certain tweaks and apps.

Adobe has unveiled the Flash Media Server 4.5 for mobile devices that will let developers to insert video and streams on almost anything. That could be really useful when you’re browsing the web and want to watch a live telecast of something on your iOS device. Before, it wasn’t very much possible to view any kind of Flash content including websites, and the use of YouTube from the browser literally sucked unless you had installed some Cydia tweaks. There are many tweaks that will let you watch Flash content on your device such as the Skyfire or Dolphin web browser.

If you want to use an alternative way to view flash content on your iOS device then this is the only other alternative that isn’t illegal. However, you cannot still play Flash games on your device, because that’s not what this is about, this will only allow you to run Flash content on your iPhone etc. Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5¬†processes¬†and renders all flash content on a different server and then sends it to the browser. That’s how it works. This method will also save battery and reduce hardware use on your device.

This also means that the developers and owners of the flash content on the web must use Media Server 4.5. If they don’t, you’ll go back to the past and won’t have access to flash content. Maybe Apple might come out with something when they make the final version of iOS 5 available to public. Fingers crossed.