Add Amazing Frames and Textures to Photos using Picfx for iOS Devices

Developed by ActiveDevelopment, Picfx is an amazing photo editing app that helps users in creating some cool photos by adding some very unique and creative frames and textures. It is by no doubt a fact that iDevices especially iPhone has made photography accessible to anyone and with the App store’s massive archive of photo editing apps, photography has become pretty easy.

Picfx interface and features

Picfx application for iPhone/ iPod Touch is pretty simple as far as the usage is considered, user-interface of Picfx is smooth and nice having a bit of professional touch to it. The application is user-friendly with buttons and tabs laid out neatly.


Just like other photo editing apps, in-order to get started on Picfx you have to either import a photo from the iDevice photo album or snap a new photo. If you own an iPhone4 and opt for the snapping a photo option, then you will be delighted to know that all camera features of iPhone 4 are accessible from within the apps interface like switching between cameras (rear and front), flash controls and auto-focus.

Once a photo is selected, then the power of this app comes into play, along the bottom of the main interface there are 27 separate textures that can be applied to photos. Cool thing is that all of these textures have their own uniqueness that gives an added advantage to the edited photos. For each texture there is an adjustable slider as well that can control how strong the texture will be. Some of the good textures that are worth trying:


  • Grunge
  • Paint dabble
  • Basic borders
  • Vingette
  • Light Streaks

Apart from textures there are options to add layers of effects and styles, the layer of effects can be undone if you don’t feel like keeping it and the images will revert back to the original state. In Styles category, there are a total of 13 options and each of these options change the color of entire image. Styles include Sepia, Vintage, B&W and Warm.

Overall, Picfx is a very good app for an enthusiastic photographer and for a price tag of $2 it is definitely worth buying. Although it is a bit unlimited in areas like Styles but from texture point of view it is the best app that is available on the app store. Picfx can be downloaded from Apple App store for $2.